Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired by Another Blogger

Hello, all!

For today's Twinsie Tuesday, we are challenged to come up with a mani inspired by another blogger.  While I am certainly in awe of many a blogger, I've recently been super keen on all the fabulous and unexpected layering my fellow nailies have been attempting in the blogosphere.  

In particular, I fell in love with Lola from Burb Beauty's recent collection of Sandwich Saturday featuring a few of the China Glaze Sunsational neons.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find these anywhere (and believe me, I've been calling my Sally's frantically), so I tried to improvise to mimic the mani below, which was created by sandwiching Essie Stroke of Brilliance between China Glaze You Drive Me Coconuts, neither of which I own.

I'm such a sucker for neons and that blue cum purple glitter just completely blew me away.  So I went digging through my stash to find the perfect neon pink creme base, blue glitter, and pink jelly.  My final combination is comprised of two coats Color Club Warhol (thanks, Nory!), one coat Shimmer Polish Stephanie,* and one topper of Orly Oh Cabana Boy.

While I really loved the final look, my camera really brought out the blue shimmery flash that runs through the Orly neon pink jelly, which masked the speckled bluey-purple look of the Shimmer Polish in the sandwich in the photo.  In real life, that blueish shimmer isn't as present and the glitter stands out a bit more strongly.  I had hoped that the flash picture might kill the shimmer a bit, but as you can see, it just gives the mani more of a dustier feel to it.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my recreation although I still love Lola's best.  I have a feeling that as soon as my Sally's gets these neon beauties in stock, I'll end up getting them all.  And maybe the Essie Stroke of Brilliance for good measure.

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*press sample


  1. Fantastic recreation! Love everything about this!

  2. I reeeeeeeeallly love this! I may have to recreate your recreation ;-)

  3. Jelly sandwich twins! I loved Lola's post on her creations too!

  4. Love your recreation! I will have to check her out!

  5. Loooove!! Yours turned out amazing!

  6. Fabulous original, and I love your interpretation! The colours are just so awesome--definitely keeping my eyes out for Oh Cabana Boy and the Sunsational neons!

  7. I think Cabana Boy is from last year; I actually picked it up on clearance a few months back. But I've yet to find the Sunsationals anywhere :/

  8. Just checked my store's website, and it says they're in! Am going to try to get over there this weekend, so if there are any in particular you'd like me to grab, just shoot me an email! I already have a package heading your way soon, y'know... ^_^

  9. Sweet! How much are they selling by you?

  10. I think, if I'm doing the maths right, they're about 7.75 US? No idea if that's more than in the States--I try not to depress myself with unnecessary facts. >_<

  11. Yeah, thanks but no...don't want to depress you, but um, yeah...

  12. Hehehe, I figured it was a little more, but I've remained willfully ignorant of just how depressing the news really is. Totally love living here, but the polish situation gives me such a sad sometimes.

  13. Love Twinsies on Twinsie Tuesday ;)