Friday, June 28, 2013

Soulstice Spa Paros

Happy Friday, everyone.

My apologies for the lagging posts but I just spent the past two days coordinating an event with 100 amazing high schoolers from across the US and Canada (and even a few from Bulgaria) to help with the Hurricane Sandy recovery effort on Staten Island.  Despite the oppressive humidity and above 90 heat, these kids were amazing at helping to beautify and rebuild a community that even 8 months after the storm is still ravaged.  I actually have chills writing this since the event was just so impactful.

Anyways, to awkwardly segue back, I'm so excited to show you my third Soulstice Spa polish from the latest collection.  Paros, a small Greek island in the Aegean sea, is beautifully represented by this sky blue shimmer creme.  The color of this polish is simply delicious: icy and cool, Paros delivers a breeze of blue with a dash of instant chic silver.  To say that I love Paros would not represent my feelings for this color accurately.  I adore this sleek azure to the Greek isles and back!

The formula was smooth, although a tad thin, but was opaque and even in 2 coats.

While I haven't yet shown you the whole collection, Paros may be my favorite of the six.  Despite the tropical sentiment of this polish, Paros can be easily carried from season to season without ever seeming out of place.

Soulstice Spa is a vegan, cruelty-free, PETA-certified Caring Consumer Company and all polishes are non-toxic, paraben, 3 Free, and USA made.  Soulstice Spa polishes retail for  USD $8.

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  1. The event sounds like it was amazing, fair play to you for helping out. The polish is beautiful.

  2. As a Staten Islander, it's a far more personal thing.

  3. I'd say so, I can't imagine how huge an event like that is, very powerful.

  4. Aw what an amazing event! Love hearing about causes and events like these :)
    This polish shade is a beauty!

  5. It was really something special :)