Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sally Hansen Green Tea and Urban Outfitters Green Holo Accent

I'm kinda hot and cold with the concept of an accent nail.  When done right, I love the look and salivate over the fabulous combos my fellow bloggers come up with.   But whenever I attempt the look, I'm always disappointed and am convinced people will think I ran out of polish for my last two nails. 

But, when I saw a holo accented look on Ten Little Nubs I woas desperate to try again. 

I liked how Elissa stayed in the same color family and just changed up the finish.  Instead of directly copying her pink look, I went with mint green, using Sally Hansen Green Tea and then Urban Outfitters Green Holo as my accent. 

A quick word about the colors.  Green Tea is a dusty mint pastel creme that applies like a dream.  The UO holo is linear fabulosity and radiates rainbows with and without direct light.  I used a base and top coat for this mani and experienced no weird holo dragging or holographic dullness whatsoever. 

I am absolutely in love with this look and am so thrilled that Elissa provided me with the inspiration to try this monochromatic accent look.  I have a feeling I'll be playing around with this idea a lot more as I keep collecting these gorgeous user- and wallet-friendly holos.



  1. One of the best linear holos I own.

  2. wow that's an amazing holo! I love accent nails.

  3. Real life non-polishy people don't understand accent nails. Or glitterbombs outside of holidays. Or why my right hand almost never matches my left one. Or "why isn't the polish all the way down, why have you left a gap?" ;-) LOVE that holo. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I love the accent nails! I'm almost never without at least one :-)

  5. I love that colour holo. It is so pretty

  6. Aw, that's a sweet way of thinking about it!