Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Neapolitan: Lime Crime Parfait Day and Chaos & Crocodiles Read the Fine Print

Before I begin, let me send a huge happy birthday to my Twinsies, Nory and Chelsea!  They both share June 5 as their special day and I wish them both nothing less than a year full of happiness and nail polish!

Anyways, to the post.  I don't know what came over me, but I became obsessed with finding the perfect black and white matte glitter recently.  I trolled through Google image and Etsy before stumbling upon Read the Fine Print from Chaos & Crocodiles, a cute little Etsy shop.  I loved how the glitter was generally uniform in shape with the occasional square or larger dot piece, yet wasn't overwhelming as a top coat.  I ordered the indie and received it quickly.

I was wearing Lime Crime Parfait Day, a neon pastel pink creme, when I thought how cool Read the Fine Print would look over it.  Once I applied one coat over the creme, I instantly thought of Neapolitan -- the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream triplet.  

While Parfait Day became somewhat muted in this photo, you can clearly see how nicely made the C&C matte glitter is, applying easily and smoothly over the creme.

I'm not usually an impulse Etsy shopper but I can't complain about this buy.  Even though black and white matte glitter is quickly becoming more mainstream and somewhat more accessible, I'm happy that I found this perfectly suited-to-me polish from Chaos and Crocodiles.

Read the Fine Print can be purchased at the Chaos & Crocodiles Etsy shop for $9.75 USD by clicking here.


  1. This is super cute! Love Parfait Day! :D

  2. Me too! It's the happiest pastel pink!

  3. So adorable! Just as you said, it's not an overwhelming, but it's so, so cute, especially with that awesome pink!

  4. It's a shame the brand doesn't make more polish :/