Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Oldest Untried

Morning, all.

For Twinsie Tuesday, we have to post our oldest untried polish.  At first I went rummaging through my (insanely overflowing--I really need to stop buying--I may have a sickness--there's just too many) untried drawer, but it was impossible for me to remember what I bought first from among those I hadn't tried at all.  So then it occurred to me that I could also swatch the oldest polish I own from when it was released.  Then it was much easier to figure out what to post.

Behold, Sally Hansen Blush Diamond a rose gold linear holo from the Nail Prisms Collection, released way back in 2002...eleven years ago.  I was a sophomore in high school then, and while I first discovered duochromes around then (anyone remember those Maybellines?  I can't for the life of me remember what the collection was called but I loved it to pieces as a freshman), I couldn't even conceive of a holographic polish.  Sally Hansen, you are a lady before your time.  (If you're interested in knowing more about the history of  this VHTF collection, check out Vibrant Point of View, a blog I stumbled upon when trying to find the year of the Nail Prisms' release.)

I was super lucky to stumble upon this gem at a local 99 cent store that is now unfortunately out of business.  However, knowing the mythology around these Nail Prisms, I scooped this up and skipped out the door a dollar and some change lighter.

The formula is still great, if only slightly more watery than I like in a polish.  Full coverage in two coats with no weird application issues that many linear holos are notorious for having.

While the color is definitely on the the demure side, the holo is evident in every light, floating about the rose gold metallic polish like fairy dust.  Sorry and delicate, Blush Diamond was a major win (salute) for minor cost.

Wonder what other oldest untried polishes my Twinsies own?  My guess is that Maribeth, with her penchant for saving OPIs from the '90s (or more amazingly, ability to track them down) will have the oldest untried.  Want to see if I'm right?  Make sure to click their links below!

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  1. Lucky you! I threw out a bunch of these and the Maybellines after having them for years in high school. That was before I knew about the saving grace of thinner.

  2. I cannot believe you got that fora dollar!!! So lovely!

  3. I know, right?! It was such a cool moment.

  4. YOU KNOW ME SO WELL!!!!! lol You made me seriously giggle out loud. I LOVE this Sally Hansen and I can't believe there was a time when they were just out there, ready to buy whenever we felt like it! Amazing deal for a $!

  5. I know my Twinsies ;) And yeah, I felt like I was committing a crime getting that for so cheap! But I've heard of people finding Essie Starry Starry Night at Big Lots, so it may not be that unheard of.

  6. This is super pretty!!! Goes perfectly with your skin tone.

  7. what an awesome find and such a gorgeous polish!!

  8. I get so upset thinking about the polishes I never even thought about twice when I passed them in stores back in the day. And now I would kill to go back and get them! (Well, that's a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean ;)

  9. I love this polish! So jealous you were able to track down some Nail Prisms--and for only a buck!!

  10. Sadly, that dollar store has gone out if business :(

  11. Omggg this is gorgeous! And for just a buck! Luckyyy

  12. Yeah, it was an excellent find.

  13. I would personally prefer the pink to be a little less gold, but I think the holo may not have the same effect otherwise.

  14. So awesome! haha that's such a great buy :D

  15. It's so pretty! I just love the combination of the soft colour and the holo sparkle.

  16. I love reading about polish I wore years ago - we didn't have Sally Hansen in Ireland (I don't think?!) but we had some brilliant ones, I recently tracked an old discontinued 90's one from Spectacular down on eBay and I was SO HAPPY!! Loved this post, off to check out all the others x