Friday, May 31, 2013

Comparison Post: Lavender Shimmers

As an unabashed purple-lover, I find myself collecting the same sorts of shades on a consistent basis.  I never really recognized the severity of the problem until I was asked by my Twinsie Lakeisha on Instagram to compare Essie Keeping My Maiden Name from the recent Wedding 2013 Collection to Essie She's Picture Perfect from last year's Resort 2012 Collection.

In the process of setting up my polishes to compare, I realized that I owned a number of other lavender shimmers that might be relative dupes to those two Essies, and I decided to make a whole handed comparison of the ones I thought were the closest fit.

Here are the bottle shots I instagrammed while I was swatching:

The four lavender shimmers are the two Essies listed above, Super Black Lacquers Purdy*, and Sinful Colors Zeus.  From the shot, you can really see how they each have a gorgeous pink shimmery glow to them.

Here they are on the nail.  As you can see, there's only one slight dupe between Essie Keeping My Maiden Name and Super Black Lacquers Purdy.  But first a more detailed breakdown from pinky to index:

Sinful Colors Zeus - the darkest by far, this is a cornflower leaning lavender with a striking pink shimmer.

Essie Keeping My Maiden Name - a medium lavender with a more hidden pink shimmer.

Essie She's Picture Perfect - a grey-toned lavender, the shidden is most hidden in this polish, although it's probably my favorite of the bunch.

Super Black Lacquers Purdy - similar in tone to Essie KMM, this leans a tad more red and dried semi-matte (there are no top coats on any of the polishes swatched above).  The pink shimmer is identical in both color and visibility in both the SBL and first Essie, even though the angle of my index finger obscures it somewhat.

I figured I'd conclude with a full hand shot of the four in natural light.  As you can see, apart from the finish, my index and ring fingers are near dupes.

Now the question at hand: do you need all four of these?  Well, if you're an insane purpleaholic like me, then without a doubt yes.  Each lavender shimmer is just delicate and perfect and has something unique to distinguish it from the others.  However, if you're okay with purple, then any of these would probably suffice.

Which do you like best?


  1. Thanks for doing the comparison doll!

  2. I *knew* I had something similar to Maiden Name but I bought it anyways. Now I know I was thinking of Picture Perfect! Oh well, they're all beautiful! Awesome comparison!

  3. They really are quite pretty...even if they are somewhat dupe-ish.

  4. It's a real beauty. I should wear it more often.

  5. I am in love with Purdy, I have it on right now and I love the beautiful shimmer! Great comparison post.

  6. Love the comparisons! These shades are one of my favorites!

  7. Purple is just a great color, in my humble opinion

  8. Although I own Zeus, I think I like Maiden name the best. The way you are with purples is how I am with pinks, can never have too much.

  9. They're just too pretty to resist!

  10. My fave is Essie Keeping my Maiden Name, then Essie Picture Perfect, then Sinful Zeus :-)
    This will help me decide! Thanks.