Saturday, April 27, 2013

Comparison Post: Burgundy Gold Shimmers

Good morning, ladies.

Before I begin this post, I want to apologize to Anna from Going to the Showing for not posting this sooner.  She asked me to do this comparison weeks ago and for some reason, I thought I had published it.  Lo and behold while going through my drafts, I discovered that this had sadly gone unpublished.  What a bad Twinsie and blogger I am.

That being said, I am now posting my burgundy gold shimmer comparison!  Anna initially asked me to compare Elevation Polish Toubkal to Avon Golden Wine (which you can see separately by clicking the hyperlink).  However, I had been itching to see how Duri Night Before Christmas also compared and since I had never blogged a swatch of it, I thought it might be fitting to compare as well.

Here are the polishes lined up:

As you can see, up close, there are no dupes.  Golden Wine has the most ruby-leaning creme base which the gold shimmer seamlessly intersects.  Toubkal is the vampiest, having a bordeaux jelly base with scattered gold shimmer.  The Duri is the grittiest (swatched without topcoat above), and tonally falls in the middle of the Elevation and the Avon.  However, while Night Before Christmas has more gold shimmer than Toubkal, it isn't as striking as it appears in Toubkal and actually has a similar effect to the shimmer in Gold Wine, despite the formulas being completely different.

Viewing the polishes from slightly farther away (and above their respective bottles), you can see that the Avon and Duri are pretty close, and in my opinion, unless obsessed with this particular type of polish, you really only need the Avon, which has a much better formula and smoother finish.  Toubkal is certainly not a dupe, so you shouldn't feel guilty if you feel the need to own both.

I hope that helps anyone in a quandary over which burgundy shimmer to purchase!  And thanks to Anna for suggesting this comparison post :)

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  1. l like the Avon Golden Wine best

  2. Thanks Amanda! These 3 are gorgeous! But Im glad I have Toubkal! Thanks a ton for the comparison!

  3. Glad I could help! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  4. They are quite lovely polishes.

  5. Great comparison, they are all beautiful!