Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Favorite Color

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  And to my fellow celebrants, a happy first day of Passover!

Today's Twinsie Tuesday challenge was something that excited me: a polish in your favorite color.  I didn't have to do much thinking -- in fact, I could simply look the walls of my room -- to realize what color I'd be using: purple.

I'm a nondiscriminatory, unabashed purple obsessed girl.  I love all shades from lilac to violet and everything in between.  So much so that my fiance asked requested I not decorate our bedroom in our new apartment in purple; instead, I registered the heck out of all things purple for our bathroom from Bed Bath & Beyond.  My need for a purple ambiance required some sort of outlet, which he of course understood.

But which purple to post for such an important Twinsie Tuesday?  I probably have more purples in my stash than any other color, so to narrow it down seemed an impossible task.  However, I thought I'd try out an untried bottle from one of my favorite indie brands, SmittenPolish.  Hocus Pocus is everything it appears in the bottle and more.  A true violet jelly (it's a tad more red-leaning in real life), what astounded me most about Hocus Pocus was that it was rich in pink and blue scattered holographic shimmer.  As a fan of holos, particularly of the scattered persuasion, I have my fair share of rainbow-esque polishes.  However, never have I ever seen a holo that sits in a specific color range.  Hocus Pocus had me hypnotized.

The formula was smooth and on the thicker side, and the opacity built up nicely with each coat.  While I could have stopped at three, I liked how the holo effect grew with each coat and I had to stop myself at four coats otherwise I probably would have finished the bottle in one mani.  

Please keep in mind that these are photos without flash.  That means that this is how the polish sparkles in standard overhead and natural lighting.  I also took flash photos but chose not to post them so you could really understand how fabulously amazing Hocus Pocus is.  As a purple polish, this Smitten has knocked it out of the park in my book.

If you are interested in purchasing Hocus Pocus or any other SmittenPolish, retailed for $9 each, please visit Noelie's Etsy shop here.  I also recommend signing up for the SmittenPolish newsletter where Noelie regularly updates her customers with the latest restock information.  Noelie's customer service is also one of the best I have ever experienced; as a current and regular customer from the Etsy shop, I highly recommend her as a merchant.

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This product was purchased by me with personal funds.  To comply with new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements, the status of all polishes reviewed on this blog will be stipulated at the beginning of the post (in this case, "Nothing to Disclose").  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. A perfect purple!!! Love this on you Amanda!

  2. This is stunning, Amanda!! :D

  3. Oh, yes! I had good money riding on you wearing purple this week, but I had no idea I'd love it this much. The tone of the glitter really does suit the base colour beautifully, and that holo sparkle is just amazing. ^_^

  4. This is an awesome color and your swatches are stunning!

  5. Ooh, another purple you like? Total win here!

  6. This is so gorgeous! I love purple, so this would be perfect for me.

  7. Beautiful. I love purple too. I could get lost staring at those pink and blues sparkles in this.

  8. That is a beautiful purple! Another color I love!

  9. You had to see me while I wore it the past two days, haha.

  10. Wow! This polish is fabulous!

  11. I just knew that you would choose a purple! This is something special!

  12. No surprise to see purple on you today. ;) But this is truly gorgeous! Excellent choice!!

  13. I am mesmerized. WOW. So. Pretty.

  14. Yay purple! This one looks incredible <3