Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Follower's Dilemma

To chime in on the major buzz (salute) swirling around the blogosphere, I decided to weigh in on the sad loss of Google Reader.  I, too, live by Google Reader and if it wasn't for that app, my commute to work would be that much longer.  I love how magically simple the app is and how I can easily star and mark as unread the posts that I want to go back to.  But alas, the Google gods being as capricious as they are, have decided to do away with this modern marvel.  

As I'm sure you have already, that Google Reader's demise will take effect July 1, 2013, nearly four months away.  However, I do agree with my blogging sisters that we should prepare our readers for the eventual end to easy blog-surfing.

While I am not terribly as internet literate as many of you lovely readers, there are a number of ways I encourage you to investigate to find which is the best way to read your blogs, including that of yours truly :)

Please note that under each following option, I've included an embedded button that you can click and/or fill out directly to follow.  If you experience any issues with the buttons, please alert me in the comments or by email.


Follow on Bloglovin

I've had a Bloglovin' account for awhile now and with the end of Google Reader, I have a feeling I will be making myself more accustomed with it.  The graphics are great and you can import your blogs you follow from Google Reader into Bloglovin' easily by following the directions generously detailed by Bregje of Oooh, Shinies!  I imported my own RSS list but I don't know if that constitutes actually "following" as you would by clicking the follow button.  I suggest that you support your favorite blogs and bloggers by making sure that you actively click the follow buttons to show them some love.



My newest social media endeavor, I'm pretty smitten with Instagram despite initially knocking it as some sort of Pinterest light.  In fact, I love how straightforward and interactive it is.  All my swatch photos are added to my Instagram album as well as random other things that tickle my fancy.  I'd love it if you could follow me here as well!


Follow Me on Pinterest

Pinterest is my weakness.  I can literally troll through pages and pages of randomness for hours without realizing it (in fact, I did that with photos of snow for about 45 minutes before I realized what I was doing and how long I was doing it for).  While less interactive, I pin my swatches daily as well as fashion and beauty inspirations on my various boards.  Don't feel compelled to follow all my boards; just the ones that may interest you.  


Good old Twitter.  I don't think I need to explain this one to you ladies.  My blog posts are automatically fed to my Twitter account so if you follow me here, anytime I publish a post, my account shoots out a tweet.  I answer all tweets sent my way so I encourage those of you who can keep to less than 150 characters (which I personally struggle with) to reach me there also.


Enter your email address:


If you're more of an email kinda gal/guy, please enter your email address in the box above and hit subscribe.  You will have the option to receive emails at various intervals (immediately, daily, weekly, etc.) whenever I post.


Also promising an easy transition from Google Reader, Feedly (linked above) is more graphically appealing feed reader.  I only recently downloaded it and find it a bit cumbersome to navigate, but it is way more aesthetically pleasing for those of you who are drawn to those sorts of apps.  I'm still unsure of the follower component of this, but I'm sure as July 1 gets closer, more information about this app will be released.

All of these follow options (except Feedly) will continue to be located on my right hand sidebar so you don't have to refer to this post to follow me through various media.  I encourage everyone to continue following via Google Friend Connect since from what I've read that will not be disappearing -- just the reader.  

As #firstworldproblem-y as this may seem, us bloggers post for you guys.  We may not physically see you, but your presence is definitely felt in numbers and in comments.  I hope that the Google Reader decision is reversed and that this whole post was for nothing, but just in case, know that even if you choose not to continue reading Amandalandish because of this, I appreciate you joining me for the ride up to this point.  Thank you!


  1. I always followed you on e mail and Bloglovin' and I do have blogs on my GFC and google reader but don't know how to get back to those to do any reading. I thought I would figure it out as as I go and so I am happy about all my blogs being on Bloglovin' now! Now I won't miss a single entry!!! Obviously I am not a computer genius and I am all about point and click so this is good for those who are like me and a bit tech/computer challenged.

  2. Thank you so much for having always followed me on Bloglovin' and by email! Now it's my turn to learn how to use Bloglovin' and work my way through that app. It's so funny how insanely attached we are to our respective devices and find it hard to adapt to something new...or that could just be me!

  3. I'm trying to use Feedly and Bloglovin