Friday, March 8, 2013

Nail Candy Nail Art Pens Live Colorfully Collection

Nail art has never been my forte.  I've barely mastered the tape mani and once glued a Cheerio to my nail in an attempt to do any real artistry.  So when I received the Nail Candy Nail Art Pens on my doorstep, I was intrigued to see if these pens would minimize my handicap in this area.

What's cool about these is that you need no special applicator or additional polish to create a mani.  Each canister is comprised of two colors that screw into one another (see black circle thingy below with all the numbers).  If you unscrew the top, you can polish your nails as normal since the brush is a standard wand.  Once screwed back on, you can then pull the cap up to reveal a thin micro-tip applicator that then serves as your nail art pen.

I began by skittling my nails with each of the four colors in the two canisters: pink, yellow, blue, and green.  The blue and yellow were richly pigmented and applied well, however, the pink and green were jellied and liquidy and the pink dried with severe bumps (my nails were completely clean and dry at the time of application). 

I then dabbed a few spots on each nail with the standard brush to make my leopard spots.  To complete the look, I used the micro-tip applicator to add the leopard outlines.  The applicator requires very little pressure to begin your design, so be careful not to squeeze too hard.  As you can see in the picture below, the blue on my middle finger got a bit drippy when I held on too tightly.

All in all, I think these pens are an awesome idea for someone as nail artistically challenged as myself.   I'd personally recommend using a different base coat for your mani and just use these for the pen technique since the quality of polish is not really up to par for anything more than mani design.  The range of colors and the ability to mix and match the actual canisters by screwing and unscrewing them together (yes, I'm also starting to get a little bit bothered by how much I'm saying "screw" in this post) is a huge selling point as well.  I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone venturing into the nail art world or has been residing there for some time.

You can purchase Nail Candy products by visiting their website and clicking the "Where to Buy" tab for their online shop or to find a retailer near you.  Each canister (comprised of two colors) retails for $10.

You can also check out Nail Candy on social media:

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  1. These look amazing! We are Nail Candy Twinsies today :) love it!!

  2. Thank you! And I know! All pastelled up!

  3. WooHoo, Amanda! I always get so excited when you tackle a nail art design, and this one is adorable! The colours are so cute together, and I love the idea of a polish/pen combo.

  4. I think it's hilarious that everyone finds my nail art attempts so exciting ;)

  5. Adorable design! These colors go so well together.

  6. I love how pastels can always go with one another, regardless of the shade!

  7. How pretty! I love what you did! :D

  8. woah! this looks really cool!!