Friday, March 8, 2013

For My Australian Girls...

FALL 2013

Heart Beauty Magazine will hit newsstands for Easter 2013. Beauty fans, beauty
leaders and beauty creatives are all excited!

Dedicated entirely to all things beautiful HEART BEAUTY MAGAZINE will cover new
beauty products and services, profile industry leaders and provide juicy feature
stories written by beauty experts for beauty ❤ers.

The LOOKS pages will showcase the work of top creative talents with stunning full
page spreads. The first issue includes shoots with a stellar collection of Australia’s
top make-up artists and hairdressers Rae Morris, Nigel Stanislaus, Rachel
Montgomery, Byron Turnbull and Michael Wolff.

Shot by spectacularly talented expert fashion and beauty photographer Katie Nolan
the launch issue cover and two of the LOOKS feature model Sarah Stephens -
known globally for her catwalk work for Victoria’s Secret, beauty campaign for
Sephora and multiple stunning editorials including Italian Vogue.

Photographer Katie says, "The cover shoot was a dream. One of the world's top
models, Australia's greatest ever make-up artist and spectacular hair. As a
photographer working in Australia it is rare to have the opportunity to have a pure
beauty shot make the cover. The fantastic thing about HEART is that it is going to
give an opportunity for all the talented people in Australia to have their work
showcased in a world class magazine that is published locally and available to
their peers."

Rae Morris ( is Australia's leading make-up artist and splits her time
between the US and her home country. Rae's incredible make-up sets the cover
apart from any other magazine available on Australian newsstands. Rae says: "I
was so excited to shoot the cover. It was an opportunity to be purely creative and
make something completely beautiful. I love that the magazine is all about beauty
- it's been such a missing for this country not to have a beauty magazine! Having
a dedicated beauty magazine will be so great for our industry. I'm all about
supporting the next generation of artists coming through and this is a magazine where they can find out more about our industry, get inspired and see lots of
beautiful work. Being on the first cover is really special, I love it."

Michael Wolff (, one of Australia's leading and most
established hair stylists. Having worked all over the world and created beautiful work
as a session stylist for leading magazines from Vogue to Harpers Bazaar, Michael's
work is simply impeccable. Michael says, "I gave my heart to HEART when I first
heard about it. I love the idea of having a beautiful magazine all about beauty. I
am an art collector and a creative person and to me it is very important to have art
and beauty all around me and that is exactly what HEART BEAUTY MAGAZINE
is. I also love teaching and looking out for the next generation of creatives and I
can really see how HEART is going to make a difference to our industry."

Katie Shanahan, owner of Reload Agency ( one of
Australia's most respected creative agencies, representing leading photographers,
hair and make-up artists and stylists. Katie says, "We are very excited that five of
our very talented artists have stories in the launch issue of HEART BEAUTY –
Katie Nolan, Rae Morris, Nigel Stanislaus, Rachel Montgomery and Byron
Turnbull. Reload Agency is a big supporter of HEART BEAUTY because we
believe it is going to create a great avenue in the Australian market to really
support creativity and showcase each artists work in a really beautiful way. We
can't wait to see the beauty spreads in each issue and get inspired by the work
that is created."

Heart Beauty Magazine publishes quarterly and retails at newsagents for $8.95.
Subscriptions (including the first issue for free!) are available at for $26.85.

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