Sunday, March 17, 2013

Avon Illusion

Good morning!

It's been a bit of week for me and my blog has been sadly neglected because of it.  However, I've committed myself to a few "week of" posts over the next few weeks to challenge myself and organize my polished thoughts (with so many untrieds, it's often hard to pick what polish to swatch and post when).  Today's post begins my Avon Week.  

Not talked about enough, Avon polish is actually pretty nice.  The price for the size (typically about $3.50) is an even better deal than the larger bottled Orly and I'm often surprised by some of the more on trend colors Avon has recently begun to release.

First up is Illusion, a polish that I had actually been lemming for awhile.  I love a good neutral with a kick and there is something really special about this pale green-leaning grey.  What you can only minimally see in my swatch is the very slight pink/green iridescence that appears like a halo over the pearly creme.  Personally, I think it softens what could otherwise be seen as a zombie-flesh tone color.

The formula with Avon is standard but I recommend using more of thinner coats to avoid cuticle pooling and uneven cuticle lines.  For my swatch below, I used 3 coats.

The only negative I can find in this polish is that the dry time is pretty long.  I use quick dry that typically gets me real-world-ready in about ten to fifteen minutes, but over Illusion, it just didn't seem to work the same magic.  Don't know if it's the combination of the two, but just something I thought I would share for those interested in purchasing this very chic polish.

UPDATE: I just found out that Illusion is unfortunately discontinued (I was able to get my hands on this beauty in the nick of time).  But don't worry!  I'll be posting a number of polishes this week that you'll still be able to purchase from Avon!  My apologies for whetting anyone's appetite for a polish that not longer exists :/

To order this product, or any other Avon item, please visit my Avon rep, Adelina Mercado's, page by clicking here.  Adelina is also offering free shipping on all first time orders over $10 by using the code FIRSTREP10.

This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. This is such a beauty. Love Avon polishes.

  2. What a beautiful color. Nice swatch!

  3. That is a beautiful color. I love the green glow

  4. Great shade. Too bad about the drying time...

  5. Ooh, nicely put! It really has a glow!

  6. Very pretty! It's an interesting shade, something different about it!