Friday, February 8, 2013

Sation Spam Swatches and Review

Sorry for the late post, but to end the work week, I have something special for you ladies...

Sation spam!

My first experience with this brand has me head over heels.  The formula on each was consistently good; a tad on the thick side, it applied easily and smoothly.  This brand knows how to make a creme!

While the polishes are from various collections, I've listed the respective collection name for reference.

So here goes!

Weed Out the Wimps
"Whimsical woodsy green."
While this is not my typical color, I can see a whole slew of ladies loving this ugly-pretty creme.  A yellow-toned green that is somewhat greyed out, Weed Out the Wimps is more murky than dusty to my eye.  For anyone whose taste leans more towards the earth tones, this green from the Little Horse Collection is right up your alley.  Two coats.

"This down-to-earth shade contains free-cut black flakies and tonal green glitter in a clear base."
Layered over Weed Out the Wimps, this glitter from the Glitter I Collection (stretched yourselves with that collection's name, I see) is one of the most unique ones I've ever laid eyes on.  I actually really like the fact that there are so many different types of glitter floating around the clear jelly base and yet as a finished product, Ego-Friendly does not overwhelm.  This glitter required more dabbing than brushing to even out the pieces, but it's worth the extra few glop-dotting (my term, patent pending).  Because of the multi-colored green glitter, I'm intrigued to try this out over various shades of green (for example, over Zoya Neely, as posted here.)

Front Row Flasher
"A glistening blood-orange red."
The first swatch from the more recent Nailstock Collection, I'd disagree with the company description and label this a dusty adobe brick red.  Probably my least favorite of the bunch, Front Row Flasher is just too brown-toned for my liking and feels like it's in a competition with my skin tone to see which can wash which out the most.  To its credit, there is a slight coral shimmer in the bottle, although unfortunately, that completely disappears on the nail.  

"A sweet raisin plum."Oh how I love these brown-toned purple shades!  BYOBottle, the second from the Nailstock Collection, is just that perfectly rich coffee-colored purple polish that looks chic on any skin tone.  This color looks dupable to China Glaze Channelesque or the more easily found China Glaze Below Deck, but I haven't had a chance to swatch my BD to compare.  Regardless, this polish is simply great.  Two coats.

3 Free-dom
"A cream putty-taupe."
This color baffled me, although I do really like it.  My last swatch from the Nailstock Collection, 3 Free-dom almost looks like it could be an uber light lavender crelly in some lights and a grey nude in others.  While I wish this was a tad bit more opaque, I do love how refreshing this is, despite the cloudiness of the shade.  This was three coats but probably could've used a fourth.

Super Nail-tural Powers
"A striking indigo grape."
And to my favorite!  Super Nail-tural Powers, from the recently launched Candylania Collection, is an absolute must-have blurple creme.  This is a color that can carry you from spring all the way through winter and back again and never feel old.  The thing I love most about SNP is that it is bright yet demurely chic at the same time -- a quality I personally relish in a color.  While my photo seems to have a bit more cornflower in it, please note that in real life this is a bit darker and leans slightly more purple.  Two coats.

So there you have it!  For my first go with Sation, I can say I'm impressed.  Even if not every color was up my alley, the formula was spot on and an absolute pleasure to use.  Plus, there's something about the bottle shape that I find endearing.  No idea why though.

You can purchase Sation polish for $5 ($7 for glitters) on their website by clicking here.  Sation polish can also be found at TJ Maxx and Marshall's stores nationwide.

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  1. These are quite beautiful!! :D

  2. These are all lovely, especially Weed Out The Wimps! I wish we had Sation here.

  3. I am all over 3 Free-Dom and BYOBottle. Great review!

  4. Awesome swatches, Amanda! Totally loving Weed Out the Wimps, and EgoFriendly looks fantastic with it--I love that it's an eye-catching glitter but just like you said, not overwhelming. And BYOBottle is just the kind of purple that I like! ;)

  5. BYOBottle really reminds me of Winterberry from Sinful Colors

  6. These all look awesome! Your swatches are magnificent!

  7. They just kept getting better and better as I scrolled down. Amazing! Love your swatches.

  8. Ugh I love the look of all of them!!

  9. I have BYOBottle and just LOVE it! Sation rocks!!

  10. Looks like a great brand. I've never seen these polishes in Canada. I'm a new follower here and on twitter. Found you through my friend Niki. Would love it if you checked out my beauty blog sometime.

  11. It's a relatively newer brand that's been popping up in the States in TJ Maxx and Marshalls. You should keep an eye out just in case it hits you guys up north.