Friday, December 21, 2012

NOPI If the Blue Fits

Hello, ladies.

My posts will be sporadic over the next few days since I'm currently in Vermont celebrating my 2 year and 4 month anniversary (don't ask) with the boy.  After a five hour drive from New York, we made it safe and sound and very wet -- it poured so much, the mountains aren't going to be ski-able until Sunday.  My boyfriend, the insane planner, is already creating contingency plans and time tables for all our activities for the next four days.  I don't think he understands the meaning of vacation the same way I do.  Oh well.

Anyways, for the polish!  I am super bummed at how this photographed since (1) I couldn't get my camera to unblur and focus well enough to show the rich, dense duochrome shimmer and (2) I couldn't capture the strong purple shift to the seemingly sapphire blue shimmer.  Nevertheless, I hope you will get the general gist of how striking the Target exclusive NOPI If the Blue Fits is, with the undemonstrative duochrome shimmers swimming in the rich navy base.  

The application was not the best, though.  I'm normally fine with the pro-wide brushes of NOPIs but this one was super uncooperative and applied really unevenly at my nail beds.  The coverage would have been completely opaque at two coats but I had to use three to clean up the messy edges.

The flash picture really highlights how dense If the Blue Fit's finish is but the purple disappears.  I really am trying to develop my photography skills but it's a slow process and I apologize to my faithful readers for not accurately depicting the utter gorgeousness of this NOPI.  I'd say that this seriously competes with Zoya Song for my favorite royal blue of the year.


  1. This polish is very pretty...may have to see if I can find it sometime. :D

  2. I hope you're enjoying your time in Vermont! Happy 2 years and 4 months! hehe
    This polish color is lovely!

  3. Nice post dear :)

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  4. What a gorgeous, shimmery blue!! Did you wear this for Chanukah? It looks like it would be perfect! Enjoy Vermont!!

  5. It does look pretty - not sure we have not seen this before. I like all the glass fleck look in the last photo - hard to see glass fleck in a deep, saturated color. Sooo envious that you are in VT...I lived there in Woodstoock, VT for years. I miss VT a ton. I live in a gorg place now by Big Sur CA - each tug at my heart strings - both are very different.

  6. It's just so pretty in person!