Friday, December 14, 2012

Chanukah Mani #7: Barielle Elle's Spell over Orly Smolder

Happy seventh night of Chanukah!

As Chanukah is winding down, I thought I'd up the ante with a non-traditional colored mani for Chanukah.  While blue and white tend to symbolize most things Jewish, I wanted to reflect the menorah and its flames in some sort.  

Enter Orly Smolder, a velvety metallic red that once applied, appears to have burned edges (I love when a polish does that).  Two buttery coats and I debated not adding what would represent the fire since Smolder was such a stunner on its own.  However, I bit the bullet and layered two coats of Barielle Elle's Spell over it.  

O. M. G.

The golden flakies in the apple red jelly base of Elle's Spell lit up the Orly in a way I couldn't even imagine.  As my fingers moved, it actually appeared as if flames were flickering.  Talk about a menorah mani!

Here's the final look.

I found it difficult to capture how particularly glowy this manicure appeared in real life.  If you love red polish and/or flakies, you must recreate this look.  The richness and twinkle are just super unique.

What should I layer Elle's Spell over next?