Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chanukah Mani #6: Duri Midnight Blues

Happy seventh night of Chanukah!

Not sure why there was a halo around my pinky in my swatches of this polish, but no matter how I changed the lighting, de-smudged my lens, and moved around my room, I still had a blurred left side on all my swatches.  Figured I'd just give full disclosure in case anyone was wondering.

Halo aside, Duri Midnight Blues is amazing stunning in the bottle, flowing with gold, indigo, and violet shimmer.  On the nail, the color melts into one solid royal blue with only a hint of gold shimmer settling at the bottom of the mani, appearing slightly gritty in certain lights.  I can assure you that Midnight Blues is in no way gritty and despite the bottle disappointment, is still a joy to wear and apply.  Two perfect coats here.

A huge thanks to Marisa for sending this gem my way.  A perfectly festive polish to celebrate the last few days of Chanukah :)