Monday, December 10, 2012

Chanukah Mani #3: NK Blue Sapphire

Happy third night of Chanukah!

Quickie post for tonight.

For my third Chanukah mani, I decided to swatch NK Blue Sapphire, sent to me by the lovely Marisa.  A sapphire blue semi-metallic creme with even brighter blue shimmer, this polish glows from the bottle.  On the nail, some of the interest gets lost in how shiny this finishes, but it's still a really festive cobalt polish.  

The polish looks slightly gritty in my swatch but it was actually a fairly smooth to the touch with a topcoat.  My apologies for this really subpar swatch of an above par polish; my cuticles were not agreeing with me and this was the first of my nubbin manis.  Ugh, I can't wait until my nails grow out some more...

This is two perfect coats. 

Once my nails grow in and I moisturize my cuticles back to life, I should really reswatch Blue Sapphire for you guys again.  It's such a pretty polish that I really did no justice.  Mea culpa.


  1. Ooo this is just gorgeous! It looks fantastic on you!

  2. Such a gorgeous blue and I think your nails and cuticles look great! We are always our own worst critics. :)

  3. This is the color of Christmas!

  4. Very true, but in this case my cuticles are gross.