Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Favorites: An Interactive Guessing Game Giveaway

Well hello there ladies.

I personally love seeing end of year favorites posts, which remind me of all the hits of the previous year, lemmings I never got fulfilled, and the varying tastes of all of us in the blogosphere.

But instead of posting my own list and swatches (which I hope to do later this week -- better late than never), I figured I'd have some fun with you guys.

For my favorites list, I'm going to make this interactive
 In the comments below, you can guess up to 3 times which polishes have made my top 10.  The person who gets the most correct, will win a small prize.  If there is a tie, I will use to choose a winner.

The only rules are that you:
* All guesses must be included in the same comment
* You must be a public GFC follower and have an email that I can contact you by (include your GFC name and email address in your comment) 
* You must submit your guesses by the end of New Years Day, January 1, 11:59pm EST

You are free to guess any polish that I have swatched but I would recommend you take a gander at my Stash List since there are a few that I have yet to swatch and post.  If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you will know that my taste is pretty consistent and that I gravitate towards particular colors and finishes.

Good luck, ladies!

And Happy New Year!


  1. dayelegant(at)

  2. Here goes nothin'! My guesses are: Butter London Two-Fingered Salute, China Glaze Immortal, and...I'm gonna go out on a limb here for this last one...Jessica Cinnamon Kiss.

  3. O.P.I I Don't Give a Rotterdam, Nail Venturous Flying Blue Jay and Cult Nails Power Thief. :D Good luck to everyone!!

  4. Butter London Two-Fingered Salute, , China Glaze Immortal, A-England Tristam,

  5. opi opi opi :)

  6. China Glaze Peachy Keen, Essie Where's My Chauffer, Butter London Two Finger Salute
    GFC- Leslie K

  7. OK, so I don't count because we have chit chatted about this already but just for fun:

    Essie She is Picture Perfect
    NOPI Nothing Kim-pares to blue
    Barry M Denim

  8. I thought I added my comment with the one above )= MAN. I guess Ill add it anyway hoping itll count )= Sad day.

    bL Two Fingered Salute
    Barry M Denim
    Orly Decades of Dysfuntion

  9. did anybody get close on their guesses?

  10. Yup! And I'll be posting the answers and the winners tomorrow!