Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pure Ice Glass of Bordeaux's so frustrating when you simply cannot get a polish to cooperate on camera.

One of the new Pure Ice polishes recently released was a lovely black jelly swimming with ruby red microglitter.  I initially thought that Glass of Bordeaux would be a good dupe for China Glaze Lubu Heels or Milani Garnet Gems, and while similar to those stunning polishes, there's something more subtle about GoB...a subtlety that clearly translated on photo.  Ho hum.

While the microglitter is heavily more present in the bottle of the Pure Ice than its China Glaze and Milani counterparts, on the nail, the ruby glow gets somewhat muted by the jelly base and ends up looking like a standard brownish crelly.  While GoB is still quite pretty and vampy -- especially when just a touch of light hits it and the shimmer explodes -- I just wish it had the same bang it has in the bottle...and that even the semi-bang it has in real life came out to play in front of the camera.

Formula was pretty good, but required 3 coats to self-level and dispel all VNL.

I normally wouldn't include two macros, but I wanted you ladies to see what a little bit of light does to this polish.  Special, yes, but once you get a glimpse of the bottle shot, it's a tad bit disappointing.  I still love polishes like these, with dark jelly bases and jewel tone microglitter, and they continue to win me over year after year.

Importantly, despite the glitter, removal was a cinch and this polish lasted about three days with just some tipwear.  Not my favorite of the new Pure Ice bunch, but a keeper nonetheless.

You can purchase Pure Ice from the Bari Cosmetics website or at Walmart stores nationwide. 

This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. Gorgeous polish and the lighted macro really shows the red in there.

  2. Just wish it was somewhat more present without the light.

  3. Amanda, you ALWAYS find such awesome Pure Ice polishes!

  4. I'm lucky that these beauties are sent my way by a very special Pure Ice fairy!


  5. Aw I hate when a polish doesn't looks like a great polish though! :D

  6. Gorgeous! Reminds me of Lubu Heels!

  7. Such a sexy polish! It's actually a little closer to what I was hoping Lubu Heels would be, especially when the light hits it. Lubu's red got all but swallowed by the black jelly on me (nor was it even remotely open to negotiations about appearing on camera ;p).

  8. I just hate when polishes get all temperamental on set!