Friday, September 21, 2012

Transitional Polishes for Fall 2012

As today is the last day of summer, a few Twinsies decided it was necessary to celebrate the end of the humidity, heat waves, and months of hellish weather with a post of our top transitional nail colors for fall.

Ash, who came up with the idea for this post, said we should narrow our choices down to 10-15, so I decided to group my choices so they can be applied to a multiplicity of polishes that work best for your skin tone.

Please note that all photos are stock photos taken from each company's respective website, press release, and/or etailer.  No personal pictures were taken from any blog without the owner's permission.

1.  Shimmery Neutrals

Soulstice Spa Cape Cod
 One of my favorite things about fall is the ability to wear grey polish again.  I love the color grey and how despite being a neutral, can really make quite a statement depending on the finish and tone.  I prefer cooler tone greys as they flatter my paler skin but warmer, beige-y greys (i.e., Essie Chinchilly) work well on most people as well.  What I love about Cape Cod is how the shimmer moves seamlessly with the creme of this grey blue and reminds me of snow.  I just adore this color.

Essie Mochacino
On the other side of the neutral front are the golden browns that I find are too warm toned and too nude-like to wear during the warmer months.  Mochachino is a fave for fall as it balances a rich taupe with silver shimmer and just looks very chic on the nail.  Plus anything coffee-named will always put a smile on my face.

2.  Reds

Deborah Lippmann Footloose 
Personally, reds are a classic and can and should be worn year round.  Since red is so timeless, this is the perfect color to slosh on when you really just don't know what color works during a transitional period.  Footloose is a bright crelly Mad Men-esque red and should be a staple in any nail collection.

Soulstice Spa Napa
Yup, another Soulstice Spa!  From their Fall 2012 collection, Napa is a rich wine colored metallic red that has a more autumnal feel if the brightness of Footloose just isn't your speed.  I wore this shade for most of this week and received more compliments than I can count.  This is a definite must have for fall.

3.  Dusty Pastels

OPI Thanks a Windmillion 
I think pastels are awesome go-to shades because they really work in all seasons.  To make them less spring-like, I recommend dustier shades, like this sage colored OPI.  Thanks a Windmillion is a simple creme but probably one of my favorite OPIs; how can you not love a color that is demure, chic, edgy, and girly all at the same time?  Plus, this shade of green reminds me of trees which reminds me of autumn which works for this post!

Orly Prelude to a Kiss
Soft peachy pinks are kinda neutral but kinda not, which makes them more interesting than a standard pastel pink.  This particular shade is very fresh and looks perfect paired with a big cozy sweater.  

4.  Plums
Zoya Jem
Purples are great colors in general but a richer, pinker toned plum is really rich for fall.  Jem has a touch of duochrome shimmer that makes it that much more interesting and compliments any skin tone.  The slight metallic finish is also a great way to segue into fall.

Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine
Another avenue to go with plum is a bit dustier, a bit more mauve (I know, that word).  Grapevine has an almost earthy quality to it that softens its tone for fall.  I have yet to swatch my bottle of Through the Grapevine, but I can't wait to see how it looks with camel sweaters and brown boots!

5.  Jewel Tones
Ulta Envy
The richer the color, the greater my love for it.  Ulta Envy (great name for this color, right?) is an emerald green with a beautiful combination of shimmer and metallic finish that make this shade look super regal on the nail.  The formula is also pretty stellar and doesn't stain, so  it's really the perfect green for right now.

Zoya Song
Lastly, and the newest polish of the bunch, is Song.  Sapphire and cobalt blues have really become the new black and wearing this shimmer hue is a great way to prep for 2013 since Pantone has called it the year of Monaco Blue (click here to read more about it).  

So those are my choices!  What do you think?  What are your favorite transitional colors for this time of year?  I'd love to know!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous picks, Amanda!! :D Ooo the year of Monaco Blue, you say??! That is a lot more friendly to me than Tangerine Tango! XD.

  2. I'm sure it'll be a lot more friendly to a lot of people, but it's not as interesting or out of the box orange was this year (just ask Elizabeth ;). But I love blue so I'm not complaining...that much.

  3. Great picks! I definitely love pastels! :D

  4. Really beautiful choices, Amanda! I love the thought you put into them too. I can so picture Grapevine with a pretty, camel sweater and some brown boots--how perfect for fall! And that Cape Cod blue from Soulstice is just gorgeous. :D

  5. Haha! Fair enough--I still don't think it's as interesting a pick as tangerine, but it's definitely more user-friendly. I think with both it really comes down to what it's paired with, and this bright, pretty blue probably has a lot more versatile options than the orange.

  6. Thanks, Elizabeth! Fall is my favorite season so I live for these months so I can vamp up my nails, layer on the scarves, and strap up my boots. Cooler weather makes me very happy :)

  7. They're such classic colors that work on anyone all year long!

  8. Jewel tones look gorgeous, must try!

  9. I've been trying to comment on this for two days now.. I swear my computer hates disqus! We are twinsies on the Windmillion one! I really liked that you and Ash picked metallics too, I didn't even think of that!

  10. I think Windmillion is just the perfect color for fall so I'm not surprised your brilliant eye chose it! And I love that you selected saturated brights! I missed the boat on that one.

  11. Oh, I love the DL! You have some really great picks here!

  12. great post! All great choices! I definitely agree about plums!