Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guest Post: Jenna from I'm Still Thinking...

Hello, ladies.

As you may or may not know, I am a menace to myself.  I literally get one black and blue and then cut myself someplace else.  My friends regale in my stories of falls, trips, and mishaps on a daily basis.  To be honest, they do make good stories.  

But the matter is my latest disaster had me banging up my middle finger on my swatch hand.  I filed the nail down so that it would be straight but unfortunately, it resulted in a nub.  I simply cannot allow you ladies to endure that so I've enlisted a few of my fabulous bloggerettes to come to my rescue!

Hey all! I hope you are doing great! This is Jenna from I’m Still Thinking… Amanda had a minor nail-tastrophe, and asked for a few of us to help her out a few days.  You know how I love to help out!  So I definitely couldn’t resist volunteering.  I hope you guys don’t mind :O) I am going to be going back to school in a couple months and have been stock piling as many pictures as I could to help me manage my time when I first start.  I am a little worried that I may be a bit overwhelmed in the beginning, so this is my way of relieving that worry.

One idea I had was to compare some of the newer colors released for fall, and I have one of these comparisons for you now.


Here you have China Glaze Purr-fect Plum and Zoya Toni, both of these have just came out with the fall colors.  Haven’t you heard…Plum is totally in this season, lol.


The pointer and middle are CG PP while the ring and pinky are Z T. Very possibly, these two are almost perfect dupes of one another. They are close enough alike, that I don’t see me needing them both.


Both had an excellent formula, but Z T was a bit thinner resulting in two coats, where CG PP only needed one coat.

In my opinion, these two are two peas in the same pod. I really think if you have one of these, then you don’t need the other. How do you think they stack up together?

I am having an IC Awareness nail art contest over at my blog, be sure to check it out.
I hope you have enjoyed the post. Thank you for having me over again, Amanda! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Toodles!!!

This is awesome, Jenna!  Thank you a million times over for this comparison.  You know that this is immediately being added to my Dupe Alerts page :)

And make sure you enter Jenna's IC Awareness contest, which brings awareness to a condition that Jenna unfortunately suffers from.  Good look to all who enter!


  1. Wow, if I hadn't read that these were two different polishes. I wouldn't have known. Hope your finger feels better Amanda, and don't worry you're not the only clumsy twinsie.

  2. Aw, it's nice to know I have company when I fall on the floor! And I know, right?! What a perfect dupe!

  3. I'm with ChiChi--if Jenna hadn't said these were different polishes I'd never have spotted a difference. Great comparison, Jenna, and hope your nail recovers soon, Amanda!

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth!! And Jenna has a great eye to catch that!

  5. This color looks stunning on you Jenna!

  6. Oh wow, those are perfect dupes.

  7. Yay! Great post from Jenna!
    I wish your nail a speedy growth, Amanda! :D