Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest Post: Jenn from All That is Gorgeous...

Happy Friday, girlies!

An update on my middle nubbin: it appears to be growing back but it's still annoyingly short and too short for me to even out my other nails to match.  I'm hoping that within five days I'll be back to my normal hand health since I have so many great polishes to show you!  

In the meantime, I have a gorgeous blurple from the lovely Jenn.  Prepare to swoon...

Hello Amandalandish Readers!!  It's Jenn from All That Is Gorgeous...

I am so excited to be back and visiting with you all again!  I am here just to pop my nails in to show you a lovely polish while Amanda's finger heals!

I received this deep, bright purple polish from a swap with Ingie over at fyeahilovenails!!

(indoors with flash)

This polish in real life is a a bit more purple that this picture depicts!  Sorry!  My camera has a horrible time capturing certain colors like purple and teal!  Any tips?

This is Miss Sporty 328!  I must say that I am not usually a fan of bright purples and blues, but this is very pretty!  This creme polish was a cinch to apply with three thin coats!

Do you own any Miss Sporty polishes?  What is your favorite one?  I have a few more to show y'all in the future, so don't forget to peek in and say, "Hello!"

Thank you bunches, Amanda, for letting me visit!  I hope your had heals quickly because we all want to see your gorgeous nails again!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  Cremes in this shade are just so rich and cool and look good on any skin tone.  I can't wait to see the other Miss Sporty polishes Jenn is going to show in the future!  And can we just stop to admire Jenn's cuticles for a minute?  I mean, come onnn...they're perfect.

Thank you so much Jenn for sharing this!  I love that it matches my blog background ;)


  1. Anytime, miss! I love visiting your blog! You are too sweet, and thank you!!!

  2. Oh, this color is gorgeous...I'll be looking forward to seeing more of them from Jenn! And OMG her cuticles are perfect!

  3. No thank you for coming to my rescue so quickly!

  4. her cuticles are perfect and why don't I have more blurples in my collection?

  5. Excellent question! I highly recommend you rectify that ;)

  6. Ooh this is such a lovely color!!