Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BB Couture Men's Collection Fall 2012: MIP Swatches and Review

Happy Wednesday, ladies!

Today, I'm super excited to show you the BB Couture Men's Fall 2012 Collection called MIP.  Since I was not sent a press release with this collection to review, I'm going out on a limb here and think that it stands for Men in Polish, riffing off the Men in Black acronym.  I guess that only because this entire collection is clearly inspired by extraterrestrials in a very cohesive group of colors that really do suit an alien-esque collection.

Alien Puke
First up, we have an aptly named chartreuse shimmer.  I'm normally not a fan of vomit colored polish that was popular in Fall 2011 but the shimmer in Alien Puke saves this from looking too much like fungus.  Formula was stellar and only took two smooth coats for opacity.

Anal Probe
This polish actually makes me laugh.  That name?  That color?  Just perfect.  But then again, I often find that my sense of humor rivals that of a twelve year old boy.  Anyways, the ew-factor aside, this milk chocolaty brown was a surprising favorite from this collection.  The formula was a bit watery and applied like a crelly.  I've never seen a brown crelly so I was intrigued by this.  Perfect for fall and only two coats needed.

Area 51
Here's where pictures can be deceiving.  A medium brown taupe, Area 51 has a lot silver shimmer floating around.  However, once applied, the shimmer becomes almost streaky, making this appear frosty in my photos.  I still like this shade and for those of you who like a good taupe, I'd suggest you try this before writing it off because of the frost factor.  Two coats for the swatch below.

Boned Invader
This polish instantly reminded me of a Zoya glass fleck shimmer from the bottle and I was excited to try out this olive green creme.  Unfortunately, the shimmer is barely visible on the nail, and if it wasn't such a soft, dusty green, I'd probably be more disappointed that I am.  This is two coats but could definitely use a third.

Martian Mushroom
This is the second case of bottle deception in this collection.  In the bottle, Martian Mushroom looks like a deep taupe brown, a complement to Area 51.  However, once on, this creme is basically black.  The formula was not great and somewhat gloopy.  This is two coats.  

Orion's Belt
And now for the biggest disappointment.  Orion's Belt instantly jumped out at me when I initially opened the collection package.  In the bottle (as you can see if you click the photo to enlarge), this polish is a black base infused with scattered holo glitter than really do look like stars in the sky.  However, the minute I put this on, the holo glitter completely disappeared and the black creme base applied thick and gloopy.  Even with flash, the holo refused to come out to play so I didn't even include those photos.  Two unfun coats here.

To be honest, I'm fairly disappointed with this collection.  I love the cohesiveness, the names, and what each color looks like in the bottle but the fact that those colors and finishes just don't translate onto the nail makes this collection a bit of a dud.  As this is my first taste of BB Couture, I hope that this may be funky batch or a particular blah collection formula-wise.  But if these finishes and colors, as sadly muted as they are, float your boat, I recommend snagging Alien Puke, Anal Probe, and Boned Invader.

BB Couture polishes are formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP free.  You can purchase BB Couture polishes for $9.95 a bottle or $50 for the entire set by clicking here.  

This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. I am not in love with this collection, but I am loving your new camera! :)

  2. Yeah, I'm with you. Such a shame since it really had a lot of potential. Oh well.

    And thanks! This is actually an old camera (Sony Power Shot from 2005). I couldn't find the cord to connect the new camera up to my computer so I had to default to this.

  3. Omg! I love at least 3 of these! And the names are hilarious...I have a very immature sense of humor myself, lol. I love BB Couture polishes in general, they are one of my favorite brands. I also wanted to say, the new camera/pictures look amazing!

    Sorry you were disappointed by these :O( I guess we can't love them all :D

  4. I can totally see this whole collection on you! I hope that if I have the opportunity to try more BB Couture polishes, I will be more pleasantly surprised.

  5. OMG the names...are you kidding me right now? Haha!

  6. the names are hilarious, especially Anal Probe. and the color? oh my, I agree it's a perfect match.

  7. I know! I totally laughed out loud when I saw Anal Probe.

  8. Normally I hate anything bathroom humor related, but that was just too perfect. How can you not appreciate that?

  9. Aren't they? Sometimes I'll totally fall in love with colors simply because of their names.

  10. OMG anal probe. Haha, wow. That name matched with that color IS perfect.

  11. I know! Total props to BB Couture for that one :)

  12. Great colors! omg the first two names!! lmao!

  13. Hmmm...I am agreeing with you about them being a little blah. Great names though!