Thursday, July 12, 2012

RickyCare Small Cosmetic Bag Review

Anyone living in the New York metropolitan area is familiar with Ricky's, a cosmetics store that sells everything from the hottest, high end nail polishes to the craziest Halloween costumes.  Walking into Ricky's is always a fun little adventure for me whenever I have a few  extra minutes while I'm roaming around the city.

Most recently, Ricky's launched a new RickyCare line, that includes a collection of faux patent leather cosmetic travel bags.  Having a fondness for all things bags myself, I was quite excited to try these out.  First take a look at their press release; I recommend clicking on the photo for a better look.

From first sight, the small cosmetic bag is pretty innocuous: simply black with a slight sheen. The bag itself is practically weightless which I appreciate -- you shouldn't have to carry both your stuff and the weight of the bag you're carrying it in.

Despite claiming the bags are "patent leather" in the release, these bags are actually made from polyurethane and have a thin, vinyl feel to it.  As the sticker tag states, this bag is water resistant and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.  Since I have suffered from makeup, creams, and whatnot exploding in my bags, I liked the fact that this was made for basic durability.  As you can see, the price for this particular size bag (about 4 inches x 3 inches) is $12.99.

The inside of the bag is also water resistant and includes a side pocket, which for a bag that small is relatively unique.  The red interior was a bit of a happy surprise to me when I opened it and instantly made me think of Louboutin.   The interior texture  had the feel of a thin rain anorak.

The most important factor for me was how much the bag can hold without breaking.  While this bag is perfect to throw a few lippies and an eyeliner in, I wanted to really test it and chose a bunch of full nail polish bottles in a variety of shapes to see how many could comfortably fit inside.  As you can see, I was able to fit seven inside and still zipper the bag.

From this angle, you can see how much room this bag allows for.  I probably could have put one more nail polish in, albeit a bit snugly.

Final Thoughts
While I love products for on-the-go organization for my cosmetics, the RickyCare is somewhat disappointing and does not live up to more well established companies that charge about the same for a superior product.  I do very much appreciate the fact that while this small bag can hold quite a lot and appears to clean up easily, the cheapness of the material really detracts from the usability and I'd be concerned that the weak plastic outer material would eventually crack and tear

I will be following up with the RickyCare line to see if they improve their material choice and expand their color selection (as of now, the line comes only in grey and black).  Additionally, this being the smallest bag in the line priced at $12.99, I would hope they might rethink their price point. 

You can buy this bag and the other products from the RickyCare line at any NYC Ricky's store or on their website.

This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. I'll have to remember this when I move to NYC next month! 

  2. That's unfortunate that it is such poor quality. Especially at that price.

  3. It's a good store to pick up Matesse Elite, Butter London, Dr.'s Remedy...a lot of good brands to play with.

  4. Yeah, the price weighs heavily in its disfavor. Shame.

  5. For that price, it's sad it has low quality. However it is good that it can hold a lot of products.

  6. Nice testing it with the nail polish :) Yea, the price is a bit steep for the size :/