Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding Mani Guest Post: Jenna from I'm Still Thinking...

Day 2 of the Wedding Manis!

Today, I have one of the sweetest bloggers I know: Jenna from I'm Still Thinking...  I absolutely adore her and such eclectic array of posts.  Plus, her son's manis are so creative!  Shout out to Boo :)

I am pleased to welcome back Jenna to all you lovely ladies.

Hihi! I hope you are doing great today.  So, Amanda is out of town and needed some guest posters.  I volunteered right away, because I remember how much fun I had last time.  This time all the guest posters are trying to stick to a wedding theme.

I panicked!  I have absolutely no clue about weddings.  Hubs and I chose the quickie no wedding way to do these things, so I have no experience.  Then I thought about how some polishes have wedding implied names.  I scoured my entire stash and of course I don’t have a single one.  Talk about no luck.  Then I thought about what I would like if I actually had a real wedding.

I used my daughter (Sis) for my nail model.  So please forgive the uneven nails and unhappy cuticles.  She hasn’t gotten to that point where taking care of these things are important yet.


If I had a wedding my something blue would definitely be my nails and for some reason to me a glitter gradient is kinda fancy/classy.


For the base color I used Sally Girl Coconut.  The glitter tips is Believe Me, It’s Real.  I then sponged a tiny bit of white cream over everything to lighten the whole she-bang.  Then, I did a layer of Finger Paints Motley, for a subtle unexpected flash.  Then to finish things up I used a good coat of Seche Vite.


I really like how everything came together and I would be more than happy to wear this for a wedding.  Do you think it is wedding appropriate?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Toodles!!!

I love how Jenna integrated her daughter into this post!  How cool?!  Get 'em while they're young, right?

I also love the idea of using your nails as the "something blue."  It's just so modern and chic.

A huge thanks to Jenna and Sis for this awesome mani!

Please keep in mind that this is a scheduled post.  As I am currently out of the country, please refer all comments to the guest blogger.  Thank you!


  1. love how Jenna incorporated something blue into her mani. 

  2. I love how she used her daughter as a hand model :)
    I couldn't agree more....get them while they're young lol

  3. If I ever had a real wedding I think I would want a blue mani, lol...That's where the idea came from.

  4. Jenna, this is lovely! I like how you incorporated the "something blue" to the nails! Awesome! :D