Saturday, May 12, 2012


Happy weekend, girls!

Just taking the time to do some blog housekeeping and remind you of the two ongoing "events" going on:

Nail Art(ish) Competition

I will be judging the manicure that best embodies spring: that can mean the weather, the holidays, Mother's Day, your birthday, start of baseball season, graduation time, allergies, etc.  Anything goes!  

Judging will be based on:
Creativity.  There is no requirement for perfect nail art; in fact, just using one or two colors will suffice as long as it makes sense.
Connection.  Please include two to three sentences explaining how the manicure relates to what you think best embodies spring.
Capriciousness.  Okay, stupid word for what I'm after but I was trying to stick with the "c" theme.  Basically, this means whimsy: strive to be funny, out of the box, and daring.  I always appreciate a little bit of crazy ;)

Perfection not required.

I will be accepting submissions until Sunday, May 27, 11:59pm EST.  Your submissions must be in jpg, png, or gif form (so everyone else can see them too!) and must include:
- Your first name, last initial, and where you're from/live.
- Your GFC name and email.
- Your explanation.
- Your blog address (if you have one)
- Any other information you feel is relevant!

Email all entries to amandalandish(at)gmail(dot)com with the title: "Nail Art(ish) Submission"


Fun in the Sun Giveaway

Enter the Rafflecopter here.

Good luck to anyone who enters!

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