Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Skittles

Twinsie Tuesday yet again!

While today's challenge is a bit out of my purview, I think I rose to the occasion!

As purple is my favorite color, I decided to do my skittle mani is various purple shades and finishes.  I had fun choosing which purples would make the cut and am pretty happy about how it turned out.  

From left to right:

Kleancolor Holo Chrome
Sinful Colors Zeus
Revlon Royal Cloak
Sally Hansen Pedal to the Metal

I love how the flash photo really brings out the beauty in each polish: the holo, shimmer, flakie, and metallic.  I love every single one of these colors individually and together I think it's just a lot of fun.  A full, wearable mani?  No.  But still fun to swatch and show off.

What do you ladies think of skittles?

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  1. Awesome mani. I like it, and I'd totally wear it out! =) Sinful Colors polish is awesome, that shimmer is captured perfectly.

  2. Love that you chose purple and used different finishes!  Looks awesome.

  3. LOVE it! The different finishes is so unique and cool! And it has that ombre feel (which I am guessing you did on purpose with the order you arranged this?)...I am not sure I've seen one like this where different finishes were used. Love love it :)

  4. Cute Amanda!! Love the purples ;0)

  5. Gorgeous choices! I like all of them! 

  6. Aw, thanks!  I'm a big fan of SC and how they've really stepped up their color selection and formula.  Zeus is really a ridiculously gorgeous purple.

  7. Actually, I tried to avoid ombre which is why I chose different finishes.  I'm so anal I knew that if I was choosing different colors of the same finish, I would have to fight my better urges to make them go in some sort of order.  This was actually somewhat random-ish.  But I'm glad you like!

  8. loving the choices here:] i love that they're all different finishes

  9. I love all of these colors! Great skittle mani!

  10. I LOVE these finishes. So pretty!

  11. I love the way this came out! I need Kleancolor Holo Chrome in my life. Nice picks ;)

  12. Thanks, Katherine! And yeah, it's such a great color. A huge thanks to Marisa for finding it for me!

  13. I love this!!!! I need that Kleancolor Holo Chrome! Time for some E-bay shopping!

  14. Awesome assortment of beautiful purples.

  15. I love the mix of finishes you chose and you're totally right about how the purple brings out the beauty in each individual shade. Purple looks divine on you! I have been searching for SC Zeus after seeing it on your blog but no luck yet. :-/

  16. I've been on the search for all the SC sheer shimmers...clearly, these displays have a short shelf life.  I never used to have such a problem with SC polishes up until recently :/