Friday, April 27, 2012

Soulstice Spa Cape Cod

I was really excited to learn that one of the more socially-conscious brands, Soulstice Spa, was releasing a number of new shades to their core collection.  The polishes I had tried previously from Soulstice Spa were perfection in terms of formula but I really looked forward to a wider selection of colors that I knew were slated for this spring.

Cape Cod, from their latest color release, did not disappoint.  The formula was equally as smooth and easy to apply, although I did use three coats to reach a nice opacity since the natural hue is somewhat lighter than I expected.  I'm a big fan of grey polishes but tend to relegate them to fall and winter.  However, because Cape Cod has a delicate pearlescent finish, it can't quite be considered as neutral as other autumn greys and instead looks like a really soft bley (that's my just-now-made-up word for blue-grey...I expect it to be as big as Brangelina, just you watch). 

Cape Cod isn't quite a shimmer, despite the fact that I tagged it as such.  It's a lovely, light pearly, non-quite pastel that is a really nice alternative to other more stark and white-based spring colors.  I'm actually finding I can't stop staring at the swatch photo as I type.  I guess that means love, right?

And some more reasons why I love Soulstice Spa:

Soulstice Spa is a vegan, cruelty-free, PETA-certified "Caring Consumer Company"

Non-toxic, paraben and 3 Free

USA made

A socially responsible company as environmental and social nonprofits benefit with every purchase.

Soulstice Spa polishes retail for $8 USD and are travel-friendly (under 3 oz.)

For More Information, please visit:
Twitter: @SoulsticeSpa

This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. This is gooorgeous!!!!  Bley is one of my favourite colours ever (I'm going to start using that now too XD!)

  2. Amazing! It's such a ridiculous word, it may just catch on!

  3. This polish is gorgeous...I need to try some of this brand :O)

  4. You must! If nothing else, I love the fact that they give back. That makes me get behind a brand even more. It doesn't hurt that the polish applies like buttah.

  5. I've never heard of this brand; I must check it out! I am loving this!

  6. Looks gorgeous! Lol love "bleys" too!!

  7. This is a fabulous color! I love blues and greys so this bley is perfect! :)

  8. Bleys are very flattering for cool-based skin tones, so I absolutely love them.

  9. I love the pearly finish...I think that's what makes this an absolute win for me :)

  10. Lovely color! It looks fabulous on you!