Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guest Post: Tara from Polishy of Truth

Hey girlies!  
I'm beyond excited to introduce you guys to a new blogger that I've recently befriended.  Tara from Polishy of Truth is an absolute riot and has more personality in her pinky than I imagine many of us have on our best days.  I'm slightly in love with her caption commentaries and I'm glad she did not let us down with her post today.  So without further ado, here's Tara.
Hello my fellow lacquer lovers!
First, I would like to thank, a million times over, Amanda for this opportunity.  Now, who the heck am I?  Well, my name is Tara (like car-ah, not terra) and I recently staked my own place on the web for this fabulous addiction at Polishy of Truth.  I tend to write as I talk (which is, I ramble), so if you want to know more about me, please feel free to check out my blog and I will save this space for the goods.
Today I would like to show you a colour that is not new, but I think it is one of the closest things to perfect when it comes to polish and I never get tired of seeing on blogs.  It will always (and I do not like to use absolutes!) have a place in my top 3.  Nfu-Oh 51.  Now that it is more readily available, to some it may have lost a bit of appeal (we always want it more when we cannot easily have it, hello anything Lynnderella or Max Factor Fantasy Fire!), but in my humble little opinion, it has a bit of everything and should be in all of our stashes! Even though it is not cheap ($12.50 I think?), I think this is a great choice for a splurge.
So where to begin?  Well to start, it is largely purple.  OK, that is awesome to me because purple is my most fave shade.  Also, it is flakie. Yay flakies!  But! It is also a holo.  A holo! Also? It is very rainbow-y.  So bright and happy yet chic!  Aaaaand it has an utterly adorable bottle.  Perhaps it is my years in cosmetics management talking here, but packaging can really make a difference sometimes.  It feels so Jean Paul Gaultier meets Betsey Johnson.
I have found that layering it on its own tends to sort of take away from the depth of the polish (if that makes sense, plus it uses a lot more product!) so I layer it over a base shade. In this case, I started out with 2 coats of Revlon Royal.  I snapped some pics, but I see that Amanda has already reviewed it, so check out her swatches here!  It goes on very well - thin-ish, but not runny.  2 coats should be perfect.  Don't forget to cover the free edge, because it still may seem a bit more sheer there, but will look rather odd with something under if you do not. 

Now, on to photos! This is a bit photo heavy, but with something like this, you do not want to skimp.

The front of the bottle.

The back of the bottle.  Hello rainbows!
Indoors.  See the purple, red, flakie goodness?  A little blurry, but I think it captures the warmth well.
Outside in the sun.  Even sparklier! 
...but then turn your hand a bit, and boom!  Totally different and still awesome!
A closeup just to show you the utter radness of it all.  Yeah, I said rad.  Because it is.

I was so tempted to put this over various colours and snap photos, but then I figured I should not make it any more photo heavy; Amanda may never ask me back!  As all you wonderful readers already know (from you know, being here), she is pretty great and it is a treat to be asked here :)

One last note - if you are like me, and have many types of topcoat, I suggest NOT doing Seche Vite on this. The main reason being, as we know it can sometimes pull at the tip.  Since it is not usually desireable to put a ton of varnish on the tips, your tips may look a little more sheer to begin with using this one.  Adding the Seche would probably turn it into a hot mess (I have not tried; I have been afraid to!).  Personally, I used butter LONDON's Hardwear for this look. 

Thank you again to Amanda for the chance to guest post! I'd be tickled if any of you wanted to pop on over to Polishy of Truth and say hi sometime! Have a wonderful weekend!

This is seriously a beautiful polish and I'm really flattered that Tara chose to showcase this beauty on my blog.  Officially my first Nfu-Oh ever!  (Well, ish.  She still owns the bottle.  I just have the pictures.)  A huge thanks to Tara for this post!  Plus, you must tell me what camera you use, it's fantastic.

I recommend all you brilliant people check out her blog and show her some love.

Have a great weekend!


  1. This is gorgeous! Except I've actually found that I prefer the way Nfu Oh 51 looks on its own :) Still, this post has reminded me that I need to wear it more often!

  2. Thanks again Amanda! I use a Nikon D90, and I am a manual girl myself, though I have been playing with a macro setting more for my nails. I use a 50mm lens mainly because I am too lazy to change it out! 

  3. Gorgeous color!!! I need to invest in some of these! Glad to meet you Tara!

  4. Wonderful review!! :D  What a gorgeous polish!

  5. Nice to meet you too :) thank you so much!

  6. So gorgeous I want to cry. I wish they weren't so expensive :(

  7. What a beaut! Want want want... *heads to eBay*

  8. You can get them from for $12.50! :) super fast shipping, too.