Monday, April 9, 2012

Flormar U33

Awhile back, Ruth, my swap buddy in Spain asked me if I was interested in her picking up Flormar U33.  I had never heard of Flormar, let alone U33, but Ruth mentioned that a number of her swap buddies had requested it and thought it would be a nice color for me.  Moral of this story: always listen to Ruth.

U33 is a magnificent polish in so many ways.  For one, it's a duochrome glitter!  No, not a duochrome that has glitter in it, but a black base with glitter that goes from green, to purple, to teal.  I'll give you all a moment to lift your chin off the floor.

Besides being one amazingly unique color, the formula was fantastic as well.  This went on perfectly in two coats and required literally no cleanup.  Seriously, I have nothing to complain about this polish. 

My biggest annoyance, however, with U33 is my inability to capture the duochrome glitter on my nail.  I took about a million and half pictures: inside, outside, with sunlight, with flash, without flash, standing on my head...etc.  The most accurate color shot is the one I was able to get in the bottle.  

Regardless, I'm in love with this polish and am so happy Ruth picked me up another Flormar (a shimmery tangerine) that I can sport in the summer.  We Americans are often deprived of these really great brands so I'm really excited to have these in my collection.

My thanks to Ruth and her impeccably polish choice!  Looking forward to our next swap soon!


  1. So pretty Amanda!! I know this one is almost impossible to photograph but your bottle shot is really amazing ♥ I was going to message you tomorrow to let you know I will be mailing out the polishes of our new swap before the end of the week!

  2. Wow!!! This is gorgeous.  Never heard of the brand before.  I think I need to try and get some in my life.
    Btw, standing on your head is not safe, lol.

  3. Thanks so much, Ruth!  I have yours ready to send by the end of the week!!

  4. As you should!  This brand is ridiculously good.

  5. Hahaha!  Will try not to stand on my head in the future.  No promises though ;)

  6. Hiii Amanda!

    I loved it!
    I can't wait to get my hands on this U line here in Portugal!
    I only have the P one!!

  7. That's 2 more letters than us Americans have!  Enjoy them!!!

  8. This polish is breathtaking. I wish we could find these lovely beauties here.

  9. Me too! It's a shame we don't have access to those.

  10. OMG gorgeous, I need to check the Flormar stand immediately!! Yes we have Flormar in Greece :D x