Friday, April 6, 2012

Fierce Frankens Melted Sprinkles

Happy first night of Passover!

As you read this, I will be preparing for the eight-day long holiday that commemorates the Jews exodus from Egypt.  It's a very ritualistic holiday embodied by the Seder (the holiday meal that I will be having tonight and tomorrow night with my family) in addition to abstaining from eating any leavened wheat products for the duration of the holiday.  As my weakness is carbs, this holiday has always been difficult for me, but my grandmother always invites tons of family and friends for these occasions so it definitely outweighs the no-bread torture.

Anyways, to celebrate the first night, I bring to you another of Nory's Fierce Frankens.  Melted Sprinkles is probably the yummiest polish I own.  Don't worry, I'm not that My Strange Obsession girl and I recognize that "yummy" is an odd way to describe a polish, but hear me out.  Melted Sprinkles is a cream white base swimming with pastel colored glitter that looks identical to sprinkles (hence the name.  Well played, Nory.)  As you can see from the macro shot, this looks like cupcake frosting smeared on my fingertips.  I almost want to eat it.  Almost.

This is 2 coats with a top coat to even out the glitter grit.

As you can see, the white base is slightly clumpy, which is largely the reason why this looks like frosting.  Nory preempted my concern and when we were discussing my swatch, she mentioned that she had improved the formula and it was now much smoother and easier to apply.  While I like the bakery-esque feel to this polish, for those girls who prefer cake in their mouth and not on their hands, Melted Sprinkles is now ready to wear!

For more information about Fierce Frankens, please click here.

What do you ladies think of Nory's delicious polish?


  1. i love white polish so this one is one of my favs...

  2. Love it! Nory has some really fantastic frankens! Enjoy your Holiday!

  3. Thanks for the post!! It's fabulous on you!! And yes the formula has greatly improved! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. I love white polishes like this too :)

  5. She really does!  And thank you!  Enjoy yours as well :)

  6. It's really a beautiful, non-sparkly glitter!

  7. This looks so great on you Amanda!!  Definitely like yummy frosting.