Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Soulstice Spa Lisbon and Hana

When I heard about Soulstice Spa a couple of months ago, I was really excited that there was a new vegan, eco-friendly polish brand on the market.  While I'm not a vegan, I appreciate keeping my contact with foreign chemicals to a minimum.  And since I wear nail polish constantly, it's important to me that my polish is safe and non-toxic.

Lisbon and Hana were my first introduction to Soulstice Spa.  Lisbon, a deep blackened blue creme, is super rich and lush on the nail.  It applies thinly but is completely creamy and opaque in two even coats.  The brush, while on the thinner side, is completely fool proof and I experienced absolutely no cuticle pooling during application.

Here's two coats of the darkest blue I've ever seen.

I was really taken with this color and application.  While it's nothing truly unique, Soulstice Spa is currently working on building their line to 40 polishes by April so for those of you with wilder tastes, there's something to look forward to.

On top of Lisbon, I layered one coat of Hana, a sheer jelly infused with fine golden shimmer.  In the bottle, I really thought this color was blah and useless, but when I layered it over Lisbon, I was absolutely shocked at how it really just brightened the blackened blue up without comprising the integrity of the color.  For someone who is glitterphobic like myself, Hana was a really nice compromise to harsher topcoats.

See how it just adds that little bit of oomph?  It's really a beautiful addition to any polish.

So here's the rub with these polishes: they chip.  Majorly.  Since I change my polish daily, I don't typically experience chipping (I think my fear of chipping led to my daily polishing habit).  However, I applied Lisbon at night; when I woke up and began to get ready in the morning, I saw that a corner of my ring finger's nail was complete chipped off (the polish, not the nail).  I fixed the chip, thinking I perhaps banged into something and didn't notice.  Before I went to work, I applied one coat of Hana for that stunning shimmer.  About halfway into the day, I noticed that another nail had chipped halfway off.  I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, so I'm unsure what caused the chipping.  

My personal and nonscientific conclusion is that because Soulstice Spa polishes are safe enough for expectant mothers, they probably lack a specific chemical that typically allows polish to adhere better.  Again, I am not a chemist by any stretch of the imagination, but that's my two cents nonetheless.

The italicized paragraphs above are no longer valid.  Please click here for an amended review regarding chipping.

Regardless, I have to say that because of how conscious a brand Soulstice Spa is in addition to a fabulous formula, I will definitely try these polishes again.  While the chipping is a pain for any polishaholic, I'm more forgiving of a brand that has the larger, more holistic picture in mind.

Just a few more details about Soulstice Spa that I think are worth noting:

Soulstice Spa is a vegan, cruelty-free, PETA-certified "Caring Consumer Company"

Non-toxic, paraben and 3 Free

USA made

A socially responsible company as environmental and social nonprofits benefit with every purchase.

Soulstice Spa polishes retail for $8 USD and are travel-friendly (under 3 oz.)

For More Information, please visit:
Twitter: @SoulsticeSpa

This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. too bad that they chip so badly, because they are really pretty!  :(

  2. Like I said, I'm forgiving of that because the benefits are just so broad. It could've also been my particular body chemistry that didn't jive with the polish. I'm supportive of a brand with a cause...plus, I agree: the colors were really awesome ;)

  3. This is really pretty!!  I really love it with Hana over it.  I hate when my nails chip, so that would probably prevent me from purchasing this polish.

  4. I like that black... >.< It looks creamier than most blacks. Now I just sound weird, lol. I don't mind polishes that chip quickly since I change my polish so often, it kinda relieves the guilt, lol.

  5. I completely hear what you're saying about the guilt.  I feel the same way!