Friday, March 16, 2012

Pure Ice Pretty Girls Rock Event in NYC

Last night was super exciting for me.  For one, I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Marisa from Polish Obsession, and two, we were invited to attend the Pure Ice Pretty Girls Rock event where a whole new line of polishes was launched!  The line, called Vinyl Remix, is being called the next generation of crackle nail polish.  And I'd have to concur.

While we all know crackle, its the "remix" in this line that is really unique: after applying the Platinum Magic Base Coat and one of the seemingly black enamels, only then does the color appear!  It's a crackle effect with a colorful twist.

As guests, Marisa and I received complimentary manicures with this polish.  These were the results!

Marisa, at right, used Rock Star (blue) and had her manicurist apply it circularly.  My manicurist used Glam Rock (pink) and Vintage Remix (purple) to create a wavy pattern on my nails.
Oh!  And for reference, this is us:
Marisa and me.  It was pretty dark in there, hence the really hazy picture.  See those little baggies to my left (your right)?  Those were the entire line that they gave out as we left!
As with all Pure Ice Nail Enamels, the Vinyl Remix collection is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP and contains Bari Cosmetics’ patented salon long wear formula. Best of all, besides the Platinum Magic Base Coat and Vinyl Remix Crackle enamel, the set also includes a free nail file and a free song download, which retails for $6.49.

Vinyl Remix comes in 6 duo sets.  Each base coat can be paired with the following colors:
Rave (orange)
Glam Rock (pink)
Emcee Me (yellow)
DJ Spinner (green)
Rock Star (blue)
Vintage Remix (purple)

Bari Cosmetics is available online at and at Walmart.  

Now for some party pics!

Beauty Bar in Union Square, where the event took place, is a retro, '50s inspired salon and bar lounge.

Partygoers.  Again, hazy.  Sorry, it was super dark in there.  And no, I don't know why those girls are wearing the same exact shirt.  I took two pictures, thinking my camera double imaged for some odd reason before I realized that.  Who knew that yellow and grey chevron was that popular?

Retro '50s beauty ads that hung from all the walls.  I absolutely love this!

One of the food tables.  They had cake-filled lollipops, chocolate and pink sprinkle covered pretzels, and pop rock and white chocolate covered Oreo lollipops.  I'll give you all a moment to drool.
All in all, it was an amazing event.  I was able to meet Marisa, who is as just as fantastic as she seems from her blog, try out new and fun products, hook some cool new swag, and have the chance to speak with the Director of Social Media for the PR company sponsoring the event, Yvonne, who sat and schmoozed with Marisa and me about some really fascinating aspects of PR and blogging.  

I highly recommend everyone check out Marisa's post on the event; she has some pretty great mani and event pics, which you can see here.

Stay tuned for more detailed swatches of the Vinyl Remix collection...and a chance for you ladies to potentially get in on the action...(*hint*hint*)



  1. You have good pics too ;0).  Looking forward to seeing what manis you come up with.

  2. Aw, thanks! Btw, I tried pinning you in our mani pic on Pinterest. Not sure it worked though...?

  3. I can almost tolerate crackles/shatters when done in swirls. I just never liked the look once they broke again last year. 

  4.  Oh and glad you gals met up and had a good time - looks like it's still cool there - finally we got rid of the hot weather out west for a short time at least. However our rain did not arrive today as predicted. We surely need it badly.

  5. I've never been a huge fan of crackle myself, but the color changing aspect was kitschy enough to catch my eye. I'll be doing a more in depth post shortly and you may be surprised at how you feel! Or not...sometimes a crackle is just a crackle.

  6. The weather in NY has been kinda crazy, going from 40s to 70s within a day or two. That day was super grey and chilly but it's getting warmer. Going on the current weather trend, I'm expecting snow tomorrow ;)