Saturday, March 17, 2012

Comparison Post: China Glaze Electric Beat, Essie Lapis of Luxury, and Revlon Dreamer

Hi girlies!

I was recently featured as a guest blogger on the Pretty Digits blog, run by the very sweet Anna.  Since I don't do comparison posts all that often, I thought I'd share this with you ladies as well:

It seems that a lot of new collections are showcasing jelly pastels this spring.  One getting a lot of blogger buzz is Electric Beat, from the China Glaze ElectroPop Collection.  A sky blue crelly (a really silly name for a jelly with creme qualities), I found myself thinking that Electric Beat looked like something else.  I went scrounging around in my stash and pulled out Essie Lapis of Luxury, one of my favorite blues ever from the Essie Resort Collection 2010.

When I was speaking to Anna about possibly doing a comparison post of these colors, she asked if there was a cheaper drugstore brand that might also serve as a dupe.  I thought that was an excellent idea (especially considering that many people do not have Essie and China Glaze as readily available) and went on the hunt for a more accessible match.  I instantly found myself gravitating towards Revlon Dreamer, a similar crelly from Revlon's latest collection.

Here are the results.

2 coats Essie Lapis of Luxury (index)
2 coats of China Glaze Electric Beat (middle and pinky)
3 coats of Revlon Dreamer (ring)
While all three are definitely part of the same family, the only two that I personally think are comparable are China Glaze Electric Beat and Revlon Dreamer.  

The way I'd break these down:

Essie Lapis of Luxury is the most jelly formula of the three.  Lapis of Luxury is a dusty cornflower blue that would need three thin coats or two thicker coats for opacity.

China Glaze Electric Beat is a true crelly and is more sky blue than cornflower blue.  The formula is on the thicker side, so two coats are all that is needed to get a really shiny, luscious finish.

Revlon Dreamer is the creamiest of the three.  This applies very thinly and requires at least three coats for color saturation.  As a creme, this has a white base and is the perfect pastel blue, although unlike a lot of other pastels, does not have the problem of streakiness.

I'm a fan of all three of these colors and really can't choose a favorite from them, although the Essie is clearly the most different.  All retail for about $5-$8 USD so none will break the bank.

Which is your favorite of the three?


  1. i cant decide between the china glaze and the essie one!!! im so into blue nails lately so im going to have to go shopping for these!!!

  2. They're both awesome blues. I have to say there's something about Lapis of Luxury that's just very cool though, so if you're choosing only one, that would be my vote.

  3. They are all very pretty! Great comparison!

  4. My favs of these are (right now) CG and next Essie. I do on myself see a wide difference in the shades. Many there is just a reflection off my skin tone to one of the pigments in each of them that does this. Have run into that before with what should be dupes or close sisters. This shade was the one I wanted from the CG Electropop collection. Now I love a couple others and esp Gaga for Green - I realized I did not have this same bright green in my stash at all. I started out thinking the entire collection from CG was done a ton of times over by them and others. But sometimes it's good to get a new fresh bottle, newer, updated formula. Surprised to hear that the Revlon is the most creamy! Would have thought CG nailed that one. 

  5. It happens often, but as I (think?) I said earlier, having different types of dupes helps with everyone's preferences. I know that Revlon can be on the watery side and may be hard to apply, while the CG was much easier, it's not as creamy. And Essie's blue is less white based so pulls completely differently on the nail. It's not necessary to have every single one, in my opinion, but it's often hard to know which one suits you best without trying them all.

  6. Sinful Colors Grecian Sun seems like it fits into this color family too. 

  7. I'll have to take a look. I thought Grecian Sun was a green...?

  8.  Maybe my bottle of Grecian Sun was mislabeled?

  9. No, it's my mistake. Grecian Sun is blue, although a bit darker than these. My bad!

  10. It is SO helpful to see swatches compared side by side. Thank u!