Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Kiko 293 and Island Girl Island Sunset

Second Twinsie Tuesday already?  

For this exciting second installment, our theme was Layering.  I'm not a huge layerer, so I went through multiple polish attempts before deciding on this combo.

Both of these polishes were gifted to me by two very special people.  The Kiko base, a lovely, deep purple creme was sent to me by Ruth in Spain, one of my favorite nail polishaholics.  My first Kiko, I really enjoyed how thick and viscous this color ended up.  I will have to do a separate post where I swatch that beautiful plum alone.

Layered on top is my only Island Girl polish that my boyfriend brought me back from Hawaii as a surprise.  I was completely floored that he even thought to pick polish up and I'm even more shocked at myself for not even thinking to ask him to pick Island Girl polish up while he was there.  Anyways, knowing that I like purple and holo, the boy picked up Island Sunset, a light purple jelly infused with holo glitter.  While I'm not in love with the glitter, the holo picked up nicely in the sunlight.

This is two coats of Kiko and maybe three coats of the Island Girl.  For some reason, the Island Girl glitter kept sinking to my cuticles so I kept reapplying to keep it even.

I have a feeling that Sarah in particular will love this.  She's quite the layering queen and is always trying to convince me to come over to the wild world of glitter.  I hope she -- and all of you lovely ladies -- like this!

Can't wait to see what my other twinsies have planned for today!

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  1. Great combo!!! I love it!  Such a gorgeous purple.

  2. This is gorgeous!! :D  Lovely layering!

  3. It's fun to see you with glitter on!  Love Island Girl polishes, I didn't see this one when I was there, but I did get a glitter in a clear polish that I love.

  4. Great combo! This is the first I am hearing of Island Girl polish. Twinsie Tuesday is a great series, makes me wish I had a twinsie. LOL

  5. Aw, thanks ChiChi!  If this works out, I hope to expand this so be in touch with me and I'll make sure to keep you posted on what we decide to do next month.

  6. I know, a rare occasion for me to whip out the glitter.  This is actually my only Island Girl but I'd be interested to try some of their cremes.  I guess that gives me a reason to hop on a plan to Hawaii, right?

  7. That looks really good! You should totally come over to the wild world of glitter!!! 

  8. I love this combo!  It is gorgeous!!!!

  9. 1. Absolutely gorgeous combo! 
    2. WOW a layered mani on AMANDALANDISH!! :O
    3. GLITTER!!!!! 
    4. I will miss my polish bestie, these will be the longest five days :(
    5. I'll be accepting all awards in your behalf, I just got my ball gown from the cleaners, I will make sure to thank the academy!  ;)


  11. 1.  Why, thank you!  You make me blush.
    2.  I know, I know.  But I'm nothing if  not a rule-follower and this week was layered.  What's a girl to do?
    3.  Blame Dave.
    4.  I'll miss you too!  My phone is my third arm and I won't be able to Kik with you!
    5.  Remember to bring a lint brush.  You never know with ball gowns.

  12. Such a pretty combo! Purple really looks great on you and you know I'm a fan of anything with glitter! :)

  13. Thanks, Chelsea! I only just realized that the bulk of my stash is actually purple, so I guess that's good! Glad you liked the glitter :)

  14. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Love it!! :] ahhhh, this looks amazing on you! 
    1. this shade of purple is really nice on you!
    3. i've never tried Island Girl polishes, but they definitely have my interest!

  15. Ha, Sarah! I knew you'd like this one :)

  16. Great choices! I love the holographic glitter in the Island Girl polish! It's gorgeous. And yay for trying your first Kiko! ;)