Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pure Ice Paint the Sky Blue

More crackle, ladies.

I'm getting a bit better at timing the way I apply the crackle so I think today's application looks slightly better than the Year of the Dragon duo yesterday.  

This blue and silver duo, dubbed Paint the Sky Blue, is comprised of a blue crackle, Strike a Pose, and a silver glitter base, 537CP, of which I used two coats.

What makes me laugh about this Pure Ice crackle duo is that it's inspired by Beyonce and Jay-Z's new baby, Blue Ivy and her rumored godmother, Oprah.  "With Oprah as your (fairy) god mother," the press release states, "you have your whole world at your fingertips!"

You be the judge.

For all intents and purposes, this combo is cute and probably more appropriate for the summer or Israeli Independence Day.  I'm not thrilled with the blue crackle color but can see myself using the silver glitter jelly base to layer.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I'll show you my last attempt at crackle (for now)'s also my favorite!

Normally at this point I'd ask you girls what you think about the mani, but instead let's get down to the real dirt: what do we think about the name Blue Ivy?  And what's the most ridiculous celebrity baby name that you know of?

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  1. I think Blue Ivy is a ridiculous name!!!  Come on!  Why would you do that to your child?  The strangest I've heard so far is Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee's son).  Not only is the name horrible, but the spelling irks me.

  2. Omg, Marisa! You and I seriously were twins separated at birth. My best friend and I are always on about Pilot Inspektor and I say the say thing about that 'k.' Why, why, why??? Rachel Griffiths' son Banjo is also another one. And of course, there's always Apple Martin. Didn't Gwyneth realize that if someone added an extra 'i' at the end, she becomes a drink?

  3. LOLOL!!!  I never thought about Apple Martin that way, lmbo!!  I was just stuck on her name being a fruit.  That is too funny!

  4. I like the way the glitter peeks out! I am not crazy about the name, maybe if it were Ivy Blue instead. I agree with MariJo...Pilot Inspecktor.

  5. I thought the same thing about putting Ivy first. Oh well!

  6. all I can do is shake my head at that name. The names these celebrities come up with, the names really don't have to be so original that they are bizarre.

  7. Agreed. I think it's kinda blah to use your kid as a publicity stunt. Or to demonstrate your bad taste.

  8. That name for that child is utterly ridiculous, I feel bad for her. I can't stand when people do that to their children. The most ridiculous was Apple. This polish combo is beautiful!

  9. I know someone who named their kid Michael Wave because it sounded like microwave.