Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nail Art Week: Carolina from Colores de Carol

Happy weekend, girls!

Carolina from Colores de Carol is one of my blogger idols.  Her nails are always flawless and her nail art is also spot on.  When she offered to do this guest post I think I almost had a stroke.  I'm still in shock that someone this talented and cool is posting on my blog!  

Okay, enough with the starstruck.  Here's her beautiful V-Day mani!
(Normally I reformat font if it's in Times New Roman, but since this is Carolina's signature font, I kept it as is.)

Hi, gentle readers,
My name is Carolina from Colores de Carol's  Blog and today I feel so honored showing you my work here.

Valentine's Day is around the corner, so I decided to jump ahead and do this manicure, I hope you like it.

I used Essence Ultimate Pink and Essence Gleam in Blue, for the design I used Red Angel Image Plate RA114 with special polish in blue and IP I got from eBay with special red polish,  the letters I♥U are from the plate BM02.

Thanks for asking me to do a guest post for you Amanda, I hope you and your readers enjoyed this manicure.

Are you not totally blown away by this?  I am!  Thank you so much, Carolina, for this guest post!  I'm always blown away by your talent and skills.

Please remember that I will be in the Dominican Republic until February 13 so I will be unable to respond to comments until then.  In the meantime, please feel free to direct your comments directly to the guest poster.  Feel free to show her some love!


  1. This is awesome, the ultimate Valentine's Day Stamping Mani!

  2. Thank you very much Amanda for let me show my work on your blog. It was my pleasure.

  3. I wanna try this!!! Btw, I tagged in the 11 questions! check it out!


  4. Awesome and beautiful as always Carolina!!  I love it!

  5. So great. I ADORE the way the red hearts turned out! Looks so professional.

  6. I like Carolina's blog too! :) I love her accent finger! <3