Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a-england Tristam

I am absolutely smitten with today's swatch.

My first a-england polish was sent to me by the lovely, fantastic, spectacular Nory (who recently bought her own domain and revamped her site...take a look here!).  a-england Tristam was a major lemming for me the minute I saw my first swatch of this gorgeous blue holo.  However, as much as I loved it, I seriously couldn't stomach spending so much on a polish I had never even seen.  But Nory decided I had to have it and sent me one!  Thanks, girly!

Let me first apologize that this did not photograph as well as I had liked and I blame that largely on myself because I just wasn't feeling my application.  This polish has a really fantastic formula that's thick but not too thick and just feels like butter when applying.  However, I was sitting in bad light when I polished my nails and just couldn't really find my way with the brush.  For some reason, that just made me feel that the whole swatching process of this was a bust and concluded with lackluster photography.

But regardless, this polish is truly stellar.  While this picture is taken with flash to highlight the strong holo, even in normal light, you can make out how fantastically starry night this polish is.  The deep blue -- but not navy! -- sapphire base absolutely glows and in two coats you have absolute perfection on your hands.

I know you've all seen a bazillion and ten swatches of this already but I just wanted to share my delight of this as well :)

By the way, did you ladies know that the story of Tristam and Isolde was the basis for the Romeo and Juliet story?  I've read both and I can honestly say there's something haunting about Tristam and Isolde that stays with you years after reading.  I highly recommend anyone who likes to read or enjoys Middle Age Era mythology take a stab at that story.  The movie was also pretty good :)

So ladies, how much do we love Tristam?


  1. >.< I love this polish...I had it, but it was one of the first ones to go when I had to sell part of my stash.

  2. I didn't know about the story between them being the basis for Romeo and Juliet!  That is really interesting!

    Nory is such a sweetie!  This polish is so gorgeous!! :D  I think it looks brilliant in your photos.  :D

  3. insanely lovely.. and I've been meaning to read their story, thanks for the reminder!!

  4. 1. Thanks for the shout out!! I heart you too Mama! <3
    2. Every girl needs this in their life.
    3. I can't have enough blue in my life ;)
    4. Must read their story now.
    5. I heart all things British!

  5. So beautiful!!!  I hope you get to try more a-englands.  Their polish is amazing!  Your pics look good to me.

  6. Oh that's a shame. Hopefully it'll find its way back to you one day :)

  7. Yup, it's an unfortunate secret, especially since most of Shakespeare's stories were "stolen," but that's what they did in those days!

  8. I can't wait to hear your thoughts after you read it!

  9. I hope to get my hands on a few more, but I just can't stomach the price. It's not even an issue of affording, simply on principle I don't think polish should cost that much.

  10. I totally agree with you!  That's why I wait for a sale.  Ha!