Saturday, February 18, 2012

Comparison Post: Zoya Neeka vs. Revlon Royal Cloak

A few weeks ago, I posted this comparison on the lovely Anne's blog, Grape Fizz Nails.  I didn't want to post it on mine until I had published Royal Cloak, so without further ado, my first comparison post!

Sorry for any redundancies from yesterday's post, I kept the bulk of the post as it was published on Anne's blog.

It occurred to me that two of my major lemmings from 2011 were both purple flakies that were heavily documented in the blogosphere.  However, now that I happily have both in my possession, I thought I'd do a bit of a comparison post (my first, in fact!)

The first swatch is Zoya Neeka, one of the stars of the Smoke and Mirrors Collection.  A deep purple cream, you can see there is a dusty quality to this polish that really makes Neeka beautifully unique.

Zoya Neeka

My second swatch is one of those polishes that I picked up a bazillion times in the store and always put down, only to realize that when I really, really, really wanted it, it was nowhere to be found.  I was lucky enough to buy Revlon Royal Cloak, the LE purple bombshell from this fall's Masquerade Collection, from a blog sale for super cheap.  Like Neeka, this is a creamy deep purple, also possessing that great dustiness I adore.

Revlon Royal Cloak
In my heavily biased opinion, both are equally gorgeous.  But is there a reason to own both?  Well, let me show you these beauties a bit closer:

As you can see, Neeka is a much richer, darker purple filled with gold glass flecks.  Royal Cloak has a bluer base thus somewhat lighter, has silvery white glass flecks.  Two halves of a purple whole, I think these compliment each other wonderfully.  

However, as someone who pined for these for months and now (clearly) owns both, I have to say in full disclosure they're fairly similar when worn.  In the end it really depends on your fleck preference (gold or silver), color saturation level, and your wallet.  Both retail for about $7 USD, although Royal Cloak is now discontinued.

What do you ladies think?  Is it worth it to own both or was I chasing purple dreams trying to own both?


  1. Oh I definitely think it is worth it to own both.  The differences are large enough for me.  Oh how I love it to see a comparison post and actually have both of the polishes mentioned! :D 

  2. I want Neeka so badly! I always pick it up at Ulta but then decide on something else. I can totally see enough similarities to justify owning both, but then again I am an addict like you hahaha.

  3. It's okay to own both. There are noticeable differences.

  4. I still want Neeka though! It's so gorgeous!!! Thanks for the comparison post!

  5. Hahaha, makes you feel like a real polishaholic, right?

  6. Yes you are :)

    But knowing you, Chelsea, I'd say not owning Neeka is going to bother you. Get it!

  7. It really depends on the lighting and how many coats you put on. But I will never tell anyone not to own too many purples!

  8. Neeka is pretty fantastic. But Royal Cloak is better for this time of year :)

  9. Two of my favorite polishes!! Great comparison.

  10. Mine too! I love these purples! Thanks :)