Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brucci Romantic Red

Here's a bonus -- and last minute -- Valentine's Day mani.

I actually wore this weeks ago, but the name and color just made me think it had to be posted today.  Even at 9:25 at night.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend is working out of town today so while we aren't super V-Day'ers, we plan to postpone our night of getting pretty and eating a very expensive meal for Thursday night.  I hope that those of you who are celebrating with loved ones are having a very lovely evening filled with tons of chocolate (because really, what's the point of commercialized holidays if not for the copious amounts of cheap chocolate that's mass produced and consumed?).

But to the polish.  As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I adore Brucci polishes.  They apply so fabulously, are constantly updating their colors, and are on the cheaper side (between $2.50 and $4).  From what I gather from comments, Brucci doesn't seem to be available in many places but is pretty well distributed in the New York Metropolitan area.  

Okay, now really to the polish.  This red jelly is simply one of the juiciest polishes I own.  There's a real glamour factor in the shade of red that makes me want to be lounging on beach in Miami drinking a Mai Tai in the 1950s.  Don't ask where this crazy imagery comes from, I seriously think I may be suffering from Mad Men withdrawal.

This is 3 coats.

While the picture does make this polish lean a bit orange, I can honestly say that this is a true bright cherry red.  I can't imagine any skin tone that this would not flatter but since I'm a red polish lover, feel free to take that with a grain of salt.

Anyways, here's my tribute to Valentine's Day!  And to those that aren't super into it (I'm more in that boat), enjoy the beauty that is Brucci Romantic Red.

So, did anyone do anything exciting today??


  1. This is gorgeous!!!! Oh how, I love red ;0)

  2. Me too! It's so classic and timeless. The ultimate feminine polish.

  3. Red is my favorite color!  This one is so great!

  4. This is such a beautiful red, and it looks amazing on you!! :D  For part of my evening I organized my nail polish and nail art implements lol!

  5. Now that is a juicy red!  Very lovely, and perfect for Vday.

  6. Ha, I actually enjoy organizing so that sounds like an awesome V-Day :)

  7. I could definitely see why this gorgeous red polish would make you think of the 50's. It's just so classic.

  8. Those 1950s reds are the best. Super pinup :)