Friday, February 24, 2012

Anise Run for the Money

I figure I'd round out the work week with another Anise.  It was in my draft list so I figured before I forgot, I might as well share it with you lovely ladies.

I initially thought that Run for the Money would be a teal version of Dangerous Lover.  However, as you can see, this is really nothing like yesterday's post.  While metallic, there isn't that added foil finish that made Dangerous Lover a bit more unique.  Run for the Money (why isn't something with this name green??) is a pretty sweet bright blue leaning teal that reminds me of the Caribbean Ocean.  The silvery shimmer you can only make out in the bottle gives it polish that ocean-like glow on the nail.

This is 3 coats of a thin, fast drying formula.  Also a bit streaky which is no bueno in my book for a metallic.

Hmmm...still not 100% satisfied with any of my Anise polishes.  Oh well.  I've been giving them out as gifts and in swaps and they seem to be well received so maybe it's just me.  Who knows?

In lieu of a disappointing Friday swatch, I am determined to bring out the big guns for the weekend and post something I love.  Wish me luck finding a good one!

Thoughts, ladies?  Am I being a polish snob?


  1. I think this looks pretty!   I feel like I say that all the time, but I really think it does.  I don't think you're being a polish snob, it's the way you feel.  Looking forward to the big guns, lol.

  2. You're not a polish snob! I hate streaky polish! 

  3. I would think it would be green too. Or maybe like a gold with silver undertones. The color is pretty but streakiness can be offputting. 

  4. It is very pretty! But we all have different tastes, you are not a snob for sharing your honest opinion. Be you girly!!

  5. Streakiness really does ruin a mani...and that's coming from someone who actually likes frosty polishes.