Tuesday, February 21, 2012

11 Question Tag Again!

I feel awful!  My apologies to Chelsea from Nailed Blog who tagged me weeksss ago for the 11 Questions tag.  I emailed her post to myself as a reminder but my inbox got inundated and this email got pushed to the bottom.  But as I'm now cleaning this out, I want to respond to each of Chelsea's questions :)

1. Was there a particular polish that got you really into nail polish?

I don't think so.  I was always into nail polish but once I left college, I found myself collecting and collecting and collecting...until it got to the point where I started my blog!

2. What do you see right now if you turn directly to your left?

Oh wow, I like this question...not that I have anything particularly interesting next to me.  Immediately to my left is tea (it's really cold in NYC right now!), Vaseline, and a notepad and pen that I always keep my the side of my bed in case because I am perpetually making lists of things I have to do.

3. What is the most difficult class you ever took in school?

I had to take Financial Management as a pre-req for my Masters.  That class was absolute hell.  I'm not a math person but more than that, I just don't think financially.  It's like my head sees number and instantly shuts off.  So yeah, that class was pretty rough.

4. If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be?

Hands down, Mark Twain.  I can't even imagine how entertaining that conversation would be.

5. Have you ever seen a movie in the theater more than once? If so, what film(s)?

I think the last movie I saw more than once was the first Harry Potter back in sophomore year of high school.  I'm not a huge movie theater person, so going once is already a big deal for me.

6. What is your favorite TV show?

The West Wing will always be my all-time favorite show.

7. What is your earliest memory?

Oddly enough, I remember my baby room which was decorated in white and grey.  I just remember patches of grey and being held by mother.  I moved from that house when I was two and half so I imagine that was probably my earliest memory.

8. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

I don't eat fast food so can't answer this question.  Sorry!

9. What is your least favorite polish you've ever tried? Why didn't you like it?

That's a really hard question.  Um, I used to swear off Maybelline polishes but since I received Notorious Navy from All That is Gorgeous...'s Jenn, my opinion has shifted slightly.  But typically, anything with a bad brush, watery formula, or something with glitter and/or yellow is probably not my cup of tea.

10. What was the last great book you read?

Unfortunately, I haven't read anything that great in awhile but I started reading Shalom Auslander's Hope: A Tragedy and have been enjoying it so far.  He really pushes the envelope.

11. Did you ever have a completely random or illogical childhood fear? 

I have two: dolls and ghosts.  I can't be in a room with a doll, I actually make people turn them upside down because I can't have them staring at me.  Dolls' eyes completely freak me out.  Stuffed animals, however, are absolutely adorable and do not share the category of Satan's spawn.

I'm not really afraid of ghosts, but I do have this thing where I don't like being in my kitchen or living room at night because I think my dead relatives might be there.  As a child, I couldn't sleep with my door open because I was convinced the ghost of Abraham Lincoln was staring in on me.  I don't know where that fear came from but it still haunts (pardon the pun) me to this day.

So that's it!  This tag has gone around in a bazillion circles so I won't tag anyone further, but I hope you ladies enjoyed the read :)


  1. Amanda, I don't mean to laugh at you, but the doll thing was funny to me.  I wonder what causes you to feel that way.   I can't believe you remember your baby room.

  2. Haha! Feel free to laugh, I know it's silly :)