Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update to FixMySkin and Information on Lovely Skin Products

I just wanted to make a slight adjustment to my initial introduction to the FixMySkin products.  I had mentioned originally that these balms were sold both with and without Hydrocortisone.  In fact, all FixMySkin products contain cortisone.

If you are looking for a product that is non-steroidal, please check out the Lovely Skin balms, shown below.

LS Healing Balm.jpgLS Body Balm with Cap- vanilla.jpgLS Lip Balm with Cap- unflavored.jpg

LovelySkin Healing Balms prevent damage by providing a unique solution to everyday dry, irritated, and cracked skin.  

The ingredients contain a new combination of Finsolv and Fancol, which are natural oils.  These are formulated in a balm and the melting point is such that they are able to be stored easily in a pocket or purse without melting.  Additionally, they provide the skin protection and healing properties of an ointment, but without the excess product that leads to a 'gloppy' feeling.    

The LovelySkin Healing Balms are available in vanilla and a pleasant flavorless option and come in three convenient sizes for body, lips and face.
Flavors: Vanilla & Unscented
Sizes: Lip: $8 - Face: $10 – Body: $12

Please note that the products that I am currently reviewing are FixMySkin balms which contain Hydrocortisone.  For those interested in a non-steroidal product, I would recommend you inquire further into this by contacting the company directly or visiting their website.  As of yet, I have not tried Lovely Skin balms.

My apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

Stay tuned next Tuesday where I will give my final review of the FixMySkin balms!

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