Thursday, January 5, 2012

Surprise Nail Mail!

I consider myself a pretty lucky person.  I have an amazingly close, loving, (and supremely overprotective) family.  I have a boyfriend who makes me smile wider than anyone else in the world can.  I have a tight knit group of friends who have proven time and time again how special they are.  I have a beautiful roof over my head, an education that I am beyond grateful to my mother for, and a religion and history that I am passionate about.

I never would have imagined that blogging would have brought me something else to be thankful for: my polish bestie, Nory.

While Nory, she of the fabulous Fierce Makeup and Nails blog, and I have been swapping for the past couple of months, I came home today to find a surprise package on my doorstep.  Outside of our normal monthly and holiday swaps, Nory sent me the six gorgeous Bettina polishes you see above as well as a super adorable leopard print Betsey Johnson makeup bag.

I will get into all the polishes in a second, but I would like to first publicly express my gratitude for counting Nory as a friend.  Who would have thought that a simple nail polish blog would have created a friendship like this?  While we constantly text about polish, blogging, and fashion, we also have spent hours on the phone discussing the minutiae of our lives.  We have shared tears, fears, and crazy life stories.  We laugh over the silliest things and we are both in each other's corner.  My heart actually jumped from excitement when she told me she hit 500 followers!  In fact, she was the one that alerted me to the fact that I hit 400!  In a blogging world that I'm slowly realizing is full of petty jealousy and follower/free sample envy, it makes me proud that I have "surrounded" myself with bloggers who support each other's love of color and polish.  The gift I received today from Nory (all the way from her in-laws in Puerto Rico, mind you!) reaffirmed the fact that apart from all the good things I have in my life, I have added one other over the past few months :)

Okay, enough warm and fuzzy and on to the polish!


Sold only in Puerto Rico (although to order in the US, please contact Janet Rosado,, the sole American distributor), these babies are hard to come by for a girl in NYC.  So of course, my polish bestie literally bought out the island for the both of us.  These are my goodies:

from left to right:
Radiance (from the Glamour Collection)
Garnet (from the Metallic Collection)
138 (from the Core Collection)

from left to right:
Cheers (from the Bliss Collection)
Glitter Jean (from the Jeans Collection)
Boogie (from the Disco Collection)

I am so excited to try out my new makeup bag!  I'm always looking to purge and reorganize all the makeup, lotion, hair clips etc. in my bag so this is the perfect opportunity to do so!

Many thanks again to Nory!  


  1. Aweee Nory is such a sweetie!!!! What a great surprise package!

  2. That's a very cute story :)
    Have fun with your new polishes

  3. That's so awesome!! How sweet of Nory.  It's so great that you guys have been able to bond over polish ;0).

  4. I hope all bloggers are able to make connections like the one we have. Friends are friends, no matter where they come from!

  5. How sweet! I need to get my hands on some Bettina's. They are so pretty!

  6. And they apply like a dream. They are manufactured by the same people who produce Brucci, although their color lines and collections are completely different.

  7. I would love to see swatches and review of these. I'm not familiar with this brand. 

  8. aww tears of joy!
    I am very glad you like them and I hope you enjoy them all and the makeup bag, very Mob Wives. 

  9. I normally pass right by haul posts I don't like them but when I saw Bettina's I just had to stop! I own 40 of these babies and it's one of my fave brands! I have met many friends thru blogging as well and just wanted to say how awesome it is you have made such a special friend!