Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some More Hauling

Not bad, eh?  And not one of these beauties was more than $4!  I was on a deal hunt this week.  Let me show you my goodies.

Tangerine Crush
Butterfly Kisses
Penthouse Pink

*Each was $1.50 from Cosmetic Market*

Kleancolor Sapphire
Kleancolor Espresso

Brucci Sophie's Sweet Pink
Brucci Typhoon Lagoon

*Kleancolors bought from dollar store; Bruccis typically retail between between $2.50-$4, but Typhoon Lagoon was half off at Duane Reade*

Cult Nails Power Thief

*A gift from Marisa from Polish Obsession!  This is my very first Cult Nails polish and I can't wait to try this out*

Savina Frostbite
Savina Wisteria

*$4 at Nordstroms Rack in Union Square*

I've already started swatching a few of these, but I'm happy to take requests!

Thank you again to Marisa for my Power Thief!  I can't even tell you how beautiful this looks in the bottle :)


  1. That's an awesome haul! Super great stuff!!!

  2. You made out well in this haul weekend too ;)

    Your new goodies are resting in their interim home (aka, the Nory bag) until they can be shipped to a warmer climate.

  3. cute haull!!!

    What I really can't understand is why over here, the l'oréal polishes do not look the same way

  4. Nice haul!!  Can't wait to see your swatches.  I'm hoping to try and get my first Savinas today.  Have to go to the city later.

  5. Nice haul, and not that expensive

  6. I don't know where you're located, but in the US, L'oreal just brought back and revamped their whole nail polish line.  That may be why they look a bit different.

  7. They changed the store a bit so now the Savinas are located in a bowl literally on your right as you walk in (in the $20 and under section).  They may have more downstairs, but that's where I found mine.  Let me know what you pick up!!

  8. Looove Cosmetic Market! Where did you find the Kleancolors?

  9. At a dollar store in Staten Island. Really random selection in a tupperware by the cashier. Let me know if you'd like the address.

  10. Cool!  Thanks for the heads up.  I'll let you know.

  11. That is some great hauling!!! I love good deals on polish! I bought 2 L'Oreals the other day for 1.99 each! 

  12. Oh nice! Aside from a table outside a Duane Reade in lower Manhattan, this is the first time I've heard of it being sold in NYC :) I'd love the address and then I'll add it to the map!

  13. Sure! I'd be happy to add some more Staten Island hot spots to your map :)
    It's a newer store, so it may take me a bit to figure out the name and address. Will definitely email you as soon as I find it.

  14. L'Oreal Butterfly Kisses is my absolute FAVORITE. ♥ I'll be wearing it for a long, long while.