Monday, January 2, 2012

Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze

I feel bad that I wasn't able to post yesterday.  There was a little bit of drama in Amandaland and I didn't have access to a computer until much, much later in the day.  At that point, I had to catch up on a bunch of stuff and rev up for the Season 2 premiere of Mob Wives.  Oh, how I love my local Staten Island girls.

Anyways, this post isn't going to be that exciting.  This is actually an older swatch that I haven't had a chance to post yet.  For future reference, any photo with a seemingly yellow tinge that is also slightly haloed is probably an older swatch.  I used to do all my swatching at night but the lighting in my house is very yellow apparently and my camera just couldn't focus sharply.  For the past month, I've been taking all my pictures in the morning in order to get the best photos possible.  So basically this was a long diatribe apologizing for the quality of this picture.

Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze was the star of the show in the last InstaDri collection for Fall 2011, which was a pretty lovely array of jewel tones and metallics (I own 4 polishes from this collection, which is saying something because I tend not to ever love an entire collection).  Initially thought to be a dupe of Chanel Peridot, I think of this color as its older, more sophisticated cousin.  There isn't as much chartreuse green in this base as Peridot, and instead Bronze Ablaze has more of an olive-y gold base with just a pinch of bronze.  It's a very unique color and I think it goes with almost any skin tone, although will probably flatter those with olive or darker complexions.  My cousin who while fair, is half Moroccan and tans beautifully, wore this after a summer in the sun and it literally glowed on her.  

This is two coats with the fabulous Sally Hansen pro-wide brush.  Unfortunately, I don't think I applied this super well so my third apology in this post will be for the poor quality on my index finger.

I really love this polish and wish that it had been released earlier in the summer because I think it would've made a better summer neutral than an autumn brown.  Oh well.  It's still one of the more unique colors released by the InstaDri brand in awhile.

Do you ladies own Bronze Ablaze?  Do you think it's a dupe of Peridot or a standalone star?


  1. This looks great on you!!  Sadly I don't own it :(.  Such a nice neutral.

  2. Thanks, MariJo! I still see it around in random stores. You're best bet is Rite Aid if you have one near you. I find that those are the best drugstores for LE collections.

  3. I really love it! 'Sophisticated cousin' HA! I love it when you describe polishes as family members! 

  4. I loved Bronze Ablaze in the bottle, but  sadly it looked like crap on me. I think I'm too pale and cool-toned for it. :(

  5. But it works, right?  Nail polish as family members?  At least, in my head!

  6. I'm also pretty cool toned, but I think I liked the color so much I forced my head to like it on me.  But I know what you mean, it definitely flatters darker or olive-y girls.  I have the same issue with brown leaning berries, they just look disgusting on my pale, cooler skin tone.