Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mattese Elite Explosive Sensation

Mattese Elite is an interesting brand.  I love their PR and collection themes.  Their bottles are practically identical to Milani but their color collection is quite larger.  However, ME is not sold nationally, but exclusively (I believe) at Ricky's in New York City.  I'm also a bit ambivalent towards their formula, which I find to be too runny for my liking.

Nevertheless, I picked up Explosive Sensation because, as you can see from the bottle shot, it looks remarkably, well...explosive.  I love colored shimmer in a darkened base, so I knew that I had to try this one out.  Unfortunately, it didn't look as well on me as I had hoped.

Difficult to apply and much darker on than I imagined, it was actually pretty hard to make out the purple, blue, and green neon shimmer that pops in the bottle.  In fact, the purple jelly base looks almost black on my nail and brings out a lot of blue in my skin tone.  For a pale girl like myself, that equals hypothermic.

Macro shot masks the blah-ness.  Oh, how I wish it looked this lovely from afar!

I'm disappointed this polish didn't wow me more, but I think it may just be my skin tone.  I gave Nory an Explosive Sensation for Christmas and this color looked beautifully vampy on her fair, yet slightly more olive toned skin.  I think if I'm yenning a black jelly with multicolored shimmer, I'll reach for Butter London The Black Knight.

Better luck next time, I guess.

Have you ladies ever been disappointed in how a polish translates from bottle to nail before?


  1. I actually really like this on you! I think it's very pretty! I hate it when something looks completely different than what you expected from looking at the bottle. (*ahem* China Glaze Flying Dragon, the first one to come to my mind) PS I've nominated you for the Cute Blog Award!

  2. Vey very pretty on you even if it isn't as explosive as you hoped! I love it!

  3. Good!  I'm happy you enjoy it :)

  4. Oh wow, thanks Chelsea!!!! I'm so touched.  Thank you again!

  5. I haven't tried any of these.  It looks really great close up.  It doesn't look bad far away, but it just looks like a black. 

  6. That's exactly what bummed me out. Total bottle fake out.