Monday, January 2, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

I am truly honored and flattered and grateful and all the good, happy, positive, make you smile adjectives about receiving the Kreativ Blogger award from both Giveaway Lifestyle's Sarah and I'm Still Thinking's Jenna.  Apart from the fact that whoever created this award's tag needs a serious spelling lesson, I am thrilled to be able to add this to my awards sidebar.

As with all these awards, there are a number of prerequisites to deliver upon receipt.

The Form:

1 Favorite Song
"Falling Slowly" by Glen Hensard and Marketa Irglova
(although I kinda prefer Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox's cover of it)
This song absolutely destroys me, it's seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

2. Favorite Dessert
I have a weakness for anything mint chocolate or cookies and cream.  While I'm sadly severely lactose intolerant, it's hard to find desserts that don't kill me.  On the plus side for those of you who are afraid of cows, Oreos are not made with any milk or dairy products :)

3. What Ticks Me Off
I'm not an angry person in the slightest but injustice really makes my blood boil.  It can be a silly thing like someone getting the shaft on one of those silly court shows to larger, social issues like genocide or racial/gender discrimination, I simply can't stomach it.  I can get so riled up, I've been known to whip out my handy dandy traveling soapbox decrying these things.

4. When I'm Upset I...
Do my nails, of course!  It's really the only think that relaxes me.

5. Favorite Pet
I grew up with a beautiful Bichon Frise named Cotton.  She was a very snobby dog -- wouldn't eat pasta without sauce or bread without butter -- but she was ridiculously smart.  She passed away when I was in college and I haven't been able to get another dog since.

6. Black or White
While I own a lot of black clothing, I have to go with white.  I just love how clean and crisp white is.  I think it also makes me think of Snow White who I share coloring with, so there may be some weird subconscious factor playing into this decision.

7. Biggest Fear
I fear that I will lose the people I love.  I also have Holocaust nightmares a lot so I think there's a deep seated fear of the consequences of injustice (see question 3).

8. Everyday Attitude
That's a tough one.  I'm a very sarcastic person but I do think I'm typically upbeat.  My emotions are very easily affected by my environment, so if you're upset, I'll probably catch the blues too.

9. Perfection is...
What a ridiculous question.  There's no such thing as perfection, but an appreciation of imperfection is something I strive for.

10. Guilty Pleasure
That's an easy one: Jersey Shore and Mob Wives.  I am hooked like nobody's business.

The Recipients

While I'm meant to award this to 10 different bloggers, I have to say that when it comes to creativity, Rachel from Top Coat It takes the cake.  That girl comes up with the most unique ideas and ways to do nail art.  Even though I'm not a nail art fan, she constantly amazes me.  For this alone, I have to give her the sole nomination.


The 7 Random Thoughts About Myself

I don't know exactly how this is different from the form above, but here goes:

Apart from English, I speak Hebrew fluently.

I love old people's names like Sadie and Harry.  I think little kids and/or dogs with these names are automatically cuter than the others kids and/or dogs with normal, more modern names.

I have a weird thing about symmetry.  Things have to be in even numbers and I can make a picture level on sight (I've actually been tested with a level and proven right).

I love smelling like baked goods.  All my perfumes, body sprays, and lotions are vanilla based.  An ex-boyfriend loved when I walked past him because he said I smelled like cake.

I can type upwards of 90 words per minute.  Random skill picked up from high school computer class.

I have a very sharp tongue and literally have to stop myself from saying something snarky in response to almost anything.  I love watching the Gilmore Girls because I can live vicariously through Lorelai and Paris (Rory just annoyed me).

I am constantly thought to be part Asian.  I am 100% European Jew (German, Austrian, and Russian), and yet Asian is everyone's guess to my ethnicity.  When I was a baby, the Koreans who owned the ice cream parlor near my house thanked my mother for adopting one of theirs; my best friend passed me in the street once because she thought I was just a random Asian girl; a Spanish tour guide in Barcelona thought I was on vacation from China... the stories are endless.  I think it's pretty awesome, though :)


The Rules

Link back to the lovely ladies who awarded you -- check!
Fill out the requisite form -- check!
Award 10 other bloggers and alert them to this fact -- check! (well ish)
Share 7 random thoughts about yourself -- check!


Thank you again, Sarah and Jenna!


  1. LOL @ your Asian experiences!!  I was addicted to Gilmore Girls!!!  I love Rory!  What didn't you like about her?

    Oh, and I thought I typed fast.  I'm at about 60 wpm.  It's a skill that not many people have anymore.

  2. Wow, Amanda.  I'm kind of speechless at the honor of being your sole nominee.  I hope I can live up to it.  Thank you so much!

  3. Rory just didn't seem real.  It's one thing to be smart etc., but she was just too over the top perfect.  The whole Logan idolizing her towards the end frustrated me...Rory tamed the bad boy?  As much as I love Logan, he became a frustrating mush in the hands of Miss Gilmore.

  4. loved reading your answers. i really want to learn hebrew!! also, maybe the creator of this award was trying to be "kreativ", hence the spelling? it's always bothered me..

  5. I definitely see your point.  Never really thought about her that way. 

  6. My family has a Bishon Frise too. She is also very snobby and likes things a certain way. I can type pretty fast too.

  7. Bichons are funny in that way, aren't they? But they're gorgeous dogs!