Monday, January 16, 2012

The Guy Behind the Polish: An Interview

Hi girlies!

Nory from Fierce Makeup and Nails and I always swap stories about our male support systems in our polish obsessions.  We both agree that our guys are pretty great and have unique perspectives on our blogs and thought we'd introduce our respective guys behind the blog :)


Please introduce yourself.

Melvin: Hi, I'm Melvin, Nory's husband.

David: Ryan Gosling. (Amanda: boyfriend's name is David.)

Okay, that was easy-ish.  Now for some more probing questions.  What do you think about the fact that your girlfriend/wife has a nail polish blog and is obsessed with little bottles of happiness?

Melvin: I have no problem with the blog or the love of little bottles of happiness because I think everyone should have a hobby.

David: Whatever makes her happy makes me happy.

What is your favorite color polish that your girlfriend/wife has worn?

Melvin: She has a China Glaze glitter one that is silver with blue flakes. That one is the nicest one I have seen on her.

David: I like her in reddish colors.

Do you happen to know the name of that polish or is it just a color to you?

MelvinNo I don't know the name, it's more of a color to me. (Nory: for reference he's talking about Lorelei's Tiara)

David: It's just a color but I do know about Lapis of Luxury!

What's the craziest thing you've done for your girlfriend/wife in the name of her polish obsession?

MelvinWe have gone dusting hunting for rare polishes around town. The hunts haven't been really successful but they have been fun.

David: I flew all the way to Hawaii just to get her Island Girl nail polish.  (Amanda: for reference, he went on a family trip but I was completely surprised that he picked those up for me; I didn't even think to ask him for those.)

What are the benefits, if any in your opinion, of having a girlfriend/wife that has pretty hands and nails?

Melvin: The benefit I think about the nail polish is that she has something fun to do and relax. It always is a bonus that her hands look nice and are always moisturized.

David: That she has pretty girly hands...and that I can watch TV in peace.  (Amanda: I ask a lot of questions when we watch TV.  So does he.  But polishing my nails makes me quiet.  He doesn't polish his nails.)

What are the most annoying things, if any in your opinion, of having a girlfriend/wife that has pretty hands and nails?  Please note, that it your girlfriend/wife who is interviewing you.

Melvin:  There is nothing really annoying about her having nice nails other than the times I have to take the polish off with acetone, especially the glittery ones. They are a pain to take off.  (Nory: I don't like the feel of acetone so I make Melvin take it off for me!)

David:  That she becomes incapable of touching, holding, or opening anything when she does her nails.  And of course everything has to be held, opened, and touched just after she did her nails. (Amanda: Ain't that the truth.)

Other than nail polish, what cosmetic and/or fashion products do you like on your girlfriend/wife?

Melvin: Other than the nail polish, I like lipstick on her, because I think it brings out her eyes.

David: I like eyeliner on her because it complements her big, beautiful eyes.

Here's your opportunity to win over the hearts and hands of hundreds of girls: say something nice about your girlfriend/wife, referencing how her polish blog has helped contribute to the general happiness of the world.  100 words or less, please.

Melvin: When she told me about her blog, I though it was a little different, but after a few months, I noticed that she had a few friends and that they all shared that love of those little bottles. Then I thought, she is not alone and at least all these bloggers can share and not have people judge them and I think that its positive to have a little support system. That is the best thing about her blog.

David: I like that she is doing something she is really interested in and puts her heart and soul into it.

Okay now that this is concluding, any last thoughts or comments you'd like your girlfriend/wife's readers to know about said girlfriend/wife?

Melvin: I know Nory hates it when her polish chips, so I guess it would be that I hope that all of your polish doesn't chip. I don't know, but that is the best I could come up with.

David: I would conclude and say in the same way she can go off and enjoy her nail polish and blog, I appreciate that I can escape to the man cave.  I appreciate the time she spends on her blog because it makes both her readers and me happy. (Amanda: "Man cave" = go to the gym or watch something I don't want to watch.  I'm not sure where he came up with this term.)

So that's what we got out of them!  We hope you enjoyed their answers as much as we did.  Nory and I got a good laugh out of reading these answers and tried to qualify as much as possible for easier reading.  

Hope you're enjoying your Monday!


  1. This is such a great post! I love it, thank you! 

  2. Thanks Jenna! I'm glad you liked it :)

  3. Thanks, Heather! And glad to see you back :)

  4. How cute! I love this! I'm going to make Beren read this, lol.

  5. This was a brilliant post!!  I really enjoyed seeing their answers to the fun questions, and their points of view.  :D  It is wonderful to be with someone who is so supportive of you.  ^-^

  6. LOL! this was a great idea! Oh snap! Ryan Gosling!  ;)

  7. Oh, Nory.  You're just going to create a monster that I'm going to have to tame...

  8. I'm so happy you liked it! And yes, Nory and I are always counting our blessings that we have such awesome guys. Even when they try to be funny ;)

  9. Super Cute post..... so thoughtful of David to bring back Island Girl Polish for you!  ... Lapiz of Luxury, one of my favorite polish.

  10. Thats so funny! They seem really supportive, I did get a giggle out of this!

  11. Yeah, I was completely and happily surprised with it!  Still on my to-be-swatched line...

  12. Giggling is our goal!  And yes, they both are amazingly supportive :)

  13. As  I mentioned on Nory's post, this was such a fun read.  It's great that you have someone who supports you ;0).

  14. This is really cute. Dave seems super funny!
    If you ever meet Ryan Gosling, I am requesting some shirtless photos ASAP. Pants are optional too haha  ;)

  15. I will definitely keep that in mind next time I come across Ryan Gosling ;)

  16. This post was soooo funny and cute! Great idea! Was it hard to convince the boys to do that? :)

  17. Not too terrible. Mine initially put up a bit of a fight, but I got him to do it within five minutes. And then he had fun with it.

  18. hahaha I cant believe you got Dave to participate... what has the world come to! ps I miss u guys! lets hang out soon :)

  19. I love this! You girls are funny. I could never get my bf to do half this stuff :)