Friday, January 6, 2012

Guest Post Follow-Up: Toxic Free Makeup

After I posted Jackie Clark's article about feeling beautiful while battling cancer, I was amazed at the positive response I received from you ladies.  I'm happy that her message struck a chord with all of you and hope it made you reconsider how beauty can be viewed.  

In the comments, an important point was raised that while many companies tout their support of cancer organizations, their very products may in fact be harmful to those suffering from cancer.  I asked Jackie if she could write a follow-up piece about non-toxic makeup.  She readily agreed.  Please keep reading for more about this important topic.

Toxic Free Makeup: A Pick Me Up for Cancer Patients
Jackie Clark

It is no secret that a cancer diagnosis can be nothing short of devastating.  Between worrying about the prognosis, treatment and how to maintain a relatively normal life, many women also begin to feel less beautiful.

However, feeling beautiful and confident is very important when a woman is diagnosed with cancer.  If she feels beautiful and confident, she is more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle, remain social, and have a positive outlook regarding her treatment and prognosis.

Since battling cancer such as mesothelioma and receiving mesothelioma treatments can often take a toll on a patient's looks.  Makeup can be a fantastic way for a cancer patient to help herself feel more comfortable in her own skin.  Makeup can approve the appearance of the entire face and make the patient appear rested and healthy.

Concealer, for instance, can help a patient conceal dark under eye circles and other spots and blemishes on the face.  Powder, liquid or creme foundations with lavender or bronze undertones may also help brighten the entire face while covering up any flaws.  It is important to use a blending sponge when applying foundation in order to blend it properly and give it a more natural appearance.  In addition, cool toned blush applied to the apples of the cheeks can also brighten up the face.  Additionally, mascara and brightening eye shadows can help the eyes to appear more awake.  Avoiding harsh make up tones such as too dark blush or too light foundation is important because such errors can often times make a woman look washed out.

While dealing with a cancer diagnosis, it is advisable to avoid exposure to any cosmetics that may be toxic.  Toxic Free Makeup is an organic and natural approach to looking and feeling more beautiful.

Most major retailers mass-produce cosmetics that contain synthetic ingredients that are typically used in order to preserve the makeup.  Since it is common knowledge that preservatives in our food are not healthy, why would women want them being absorbed in to their skin as well?

Organic Make Up on the other hand, contains natural preservatives that are actually good for the skin.  Honey for instance is a natural preservative that not only preserves Organic Make Up, but also is a natural anti-bacterial and natural humectant that holds moisture in the skin.

Using Organic Make Up simply gives women with cancer one less thing to worry about during their treatment and beyond.  They can be confident that they are putting all natural, healthy cosmetics on their skin each day which will not only help them feel more confident but will also give them peace of mind.

After reading these articles, I plan on writing a post of makeup and polish that is non toxic, organic, and/or hypoallergenic.  If anyone has any suggestions about products to include, I ask that you please email me at amandalandish(at)gmail(dot)com. 

I hope that anyone suffering from cancer or any other debilitating disease may be able to find comfort in the fact that they still are, and always will be, beautiful.

Thank you again, Jackie.


  1. This is amazing!!  Thank you both so much for bringing attention to this very important issue.  What a fantastic post!!! :D

  2. And thank you for bringing the issue of non-toxic makeup to my attention!  Your comment really spurred this post.